difference between i5 and i7

What’s The difference between i5 and i7 Processors

difference between i5 and i7? Whenever we think of buying a new laptop or desktop, the talk about a computer processor comes to mind. Any processor will be the best. Core i3 Not Core i5 Core i7? However, hopefully, today you will get answers to all your questions in this post.

See when we buy a laptop or a desktop or buy, we can see different processors. For example, i3, i5, i7. There are different generations and here again. For example, 4th generation or 5th Generation. They can understand that there is a need to discuss one thing after another. If not, all will be confused. Then let’s start.

Generation Of Computer Processor

First of all talk about the computer processor’s generation. Intel releases a new generation every year. Now the question is what is this generation thing? Generally, Generation is the process that Intel produces every year, how advanced the production technique is and how small it is. Let’s try to explain the matter more clearly.

Within a common processor, there are target targets and millions of small transistors fitted. Intell reveals how many of these transistors they have made in every new generation of processors every year. The faster the computer processor’s transistors will be as small as possible, the more efficient it will be and the less power will be used.

Computer Processor i3, i5, i7

In the normal consumer market, Intel processors have been divided into three categories. Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7. Here is the processor that has the Intel Core i3, a processor’s primary one.

Anyway, if you tell me about Intel Core i3 processor now, you will get a Dual Core processor. That’s what you buy for laptops or for the desktop. In this, you will get Hyperthreading enabled. As a result, the operating system that you use on your laptop or desktop will use your i3 processor as the Quad Core, because Hyperthreading is active. And you can enjoy a good performance. Besides, you will see many models of the Intel Core i3 processor in the market again. Eg 4130, 4202 etc.

Now, what are these models? Now you can see different Clock Speed in different model’s processors. This means that the frequency of the processor, think 2.1 or 2.3 or 2.9, changes in this frequency change model happens with it. In addition to the frequency of the processor’s model, there is another part that we call the cache memory.

The amount of this cache memory is very small. 3 MB of any processor’s cache memory is also 6 MB of any processor’s cache memory. So what is this cash memory? I’m not discussing cache memory here today, but hoping to write a post very soon, with cash memorabilia. But remember that the amount of cash memory the better.

Computer Processor

Let’s talk about the Intel Core i5 processor. The Intel Core i5 processor that is available with the laptop is Dual Core and the processor that comes with the desktop is called Quad Core. Hyperthreading is not active in the desktop, but Hyperthreading is enabled on the laptop.

That means you can see and use the core processor as the operating system 4 core of the laptop. Now, this processor is better than Intel Core i3, you will get more cache memory and its speed will be more and its performance will also get more from the Intel Core i3 processor.

The Intel Core i7 processor is the best processor for market consumers. It is available in three ways. The common laptop has a Dual-Core, laptop in advanced laptops, such as the MacBook or Alien Wire series, which has Quad-Core and the desktop contains Quad-Core or Octa-Core.

difference between i5 and i7 Hyperthreading is active in this processor. So that the operating system can see Double core. And he works as well. Most cache memory is available in the Intel Core i7 processor. You can get up to 8 MB of cache memory. As already mentioned, the higher the cash memory, the better it is.

Computer Processor, i3, i5, i7 When will you use it?

Computer Processor

Core i3 –  If you are a normal user. For example, if you want to use the Internet or work on Microsoft Office or want to play light games and want to enjoy movies, music but the Intel Core i3 processor will be good for you. You will not have to buy Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor at the expense of lightning money.

Core i5 – Now if you’re a moderate user For example, if you edit photos or do a lot of multitasks, the Intel Core i5 processor will be good for you. Besides, simply refrain from purchasing processors by the name. When you buy a processor, you can see its model, see its generation, monitor cash cache, etc and then decide to select the processor.

Core i7 – Keep in mind that if you are not a much-advanced user, then the Intel Core i7 processor will not be of any use to you. If you want to render high-quality video or render 3D or want to do high-quality gaming, then only you will need a computer processor Intel Core i7.

How to Identify the Generation of Computer Processors

Computer Processor

The process of generator processor of computer processor can be identified from the model. It is important to know the generation of purchasing processors, so it is important to know the generation. Think of a processor’s model Intel Core i7 4770 and another processor’s model Intel Core i7 5770 The first processor is the fourth generation and the second processor is the fifth generation. Notice that the first number of the model number of its generation number. This way you can easily recognize the computer processor’s generation.

difference between i5 and i7? This was the topic of today. I hope you are able to fully understand. Now when you go to the market to buy your laptop or desktop, then hopefully you can make the right decision. And hopefully, you get very good results for your work. Share this post if you like it. With this site will regularly visit, I write new topics every day. Therefore, it is worth the price of regular visits. Please comment on how you like this post. Feel free to have any questions.

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