What Is The Difference Between Hosted And Non-Hosted Adsense

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There are many conflicts between these two Google Adsense hosted accounts and Google Adsense non hosted accounts. Today I will discuss with you what hosted adsense and non-hosted adsense works and how. Those who have Confusion in this regard hope to be clearer today.

Google Adsense is all about hope. And those who do not have any idea about this, they can see my Google Adsense Article. There are details about Google Adsense. How to apply for a Google Adsense account? How to do Google Adsense? How to get income from Google Adsense? Even how much income can be made from Google Adsense? What do we need to do to earn from Google Adsense? These topics are discussed in detail.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is Google Ads network. We can earn from various blogs using the Ads Network and it is a completely safe and popular medium. Google Adsense is Google’s product, it’s the most trusted of all add networks. It’s even using millions of bloggers. And Google Adsense earns millions of money every month. If you would like to know more about Google Adsense, please see this link

Types of Google Adsense:

What are the types of Google Adsense? And how does it work? Generally, Google Adsense is divided into two categories: Google hosted adsense and the other is non-hosted adsense post and non-hosted adsense.

Hosted Adsense:

Hosted Adsense is Google’s Adsense account rules commonly used for those who use Google’s hosted space. Now, what is the google host? “Blogspot” and “YouTube” are Google Patna, if you upload millions of videos to YouTube, you do not have to buy any hosting to keep the videos in there. All hosting will be required to be fully available. And the AdSense that you use using YouTube is a hosted account. On the other hand, bloggers using Google’s blogger platform do not have to pay any money to you. All of your post photos and video are needed for all the things that are required, ie, hosting that requires complete Google Free Provide. And in that case, Google Adsense account is available for you to get the hosted account. I hope you know about hosted accounts. Now I’ll talk to you about getting a hosting account:

Where to use Host Account

Since hosted accounts are available on Google hosted on Google host basis, Google can only use it on the platform. If you have an Adsense account on YouTube, you can use it on YouTube only. And if you have a blogger blog for that blog then you can use that blog only Adsense. You can not use the Adsense account from YouTube and Blogger, anywhere else than that platform. Now I have a few web sites, how can I use the same account on every website? You must upgrade your Google AdSense account for that. Here’s how to upgrade your Google Adsense account. Before looking at what Google is a hosted account?

Google Non-Hosted Account:

Non-Hosted Adsense is the AdSense account that has been demoted on your website using your own hosting, which is a non-hosted account. Clearly, you buy websites that have a domain and hosting, on anyone CMS or PHP or otherwise you create a website. And when you apply for Google Adsense and Google Adsense Advance on the website, it is a Google non-hosted account. Because hosting is not Google’s own, and this website is self-hosted and says the website.

Where can I use a non-hosted account?

If you have a Google non-hosted Adsense account, you can use it in any subdomain of Blogger. You can use these Adsense ads from many more websites. You can even use this Adsense account on YouTube. In that case, your self-hosted website Blogspot, even all the earnings of YouTube will be added together in the same place. Even all Mornings will pay you together. Now it is a matter of how to upgrade a postal account to Canon Host account.

Adsense Account Upgrade

Think you have a YouTube Adsense that is a hosted account. With this account, you can not earn from your web site or think that your blogspot subdomain has a website and there are also Google Adsense host accounts. Only you can use the hosted account on which platform you have. But you have many more websites, how to use that Adsense. Very simple.

You have to have a self-hosted website with that website, you will apply for the host account to a non-hosted account. Then Google reviews your website and if you have the terms and conditions of Adsense, then AdSense will give Approval. Then your Google Adsense hostel will be a non-hosted account.

Non hosted account through the custom domain in Blogger

Many people are hesitant about this issue. I use Blogger hosting but my domain (dot-com, dot net) is a custom domain, then, in that case, will my Google Adsense hostel be hosted or non-hosted? Many of them are in the middle of confusion and conflict. This is a Google non-hosted account because whenever you create a website with your custom domain using Google hosting, then drop down on the domain and create a website and register it in your name. So when it gives Google Adsense Approval on your own website and this website, it must be a non-hosted account.

If there is any question about Google Adsense, please tell the comment. Hope you find the solution.

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