What is Keyword Density

What is Keyword Density – Ultimate Guideline

The keyword is one of the most important things in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Usually, when we write an article in a blog, we present a specific post or article by focusing on a specific keyword or two. The search engine realizes the importance of the Keyword in the post, thus displaying the search result list consistently in the search query. In this case, as a writer can maintain the density of the desired keywords in his article content, the search engine will give more importance to his post. We will discuss this topic today along with a detailed discussion on how to increase traffic using Safe Keyword Density.

What is Keyword Density? and why is it important

Typically, the number of words that are written inside a post indicates how often the desired keyword in that post has been typed. This could be just a word or phrase, which you are targeting for search engines and visitors. Suppose you are writing a post about the topic of “smartphones”.

Significance of Keyword Density

Many people do not understand SEO clearly because you can tell what it is! A blogger will not be able to shake it off in any way. Because the search engine likes and prefers a crafted article, just like a human. You think in the general sense, how would you feel if an author used the same words over and over in unnecessary parts of every page of his book? You will undoubtedly feel bored after reading it for some time and refrain from reading the book at one time. Likewise, if you write a blog post nicely and maintain proper keyword density, then the search engine will bring your post to the top of the search result and contribute to increasing the number of visitors.

How Much Percent Should Keyword Density

 After all this, this time I will clarify your point. Before writing about how much-Percent should be on Keyword Density, I did some internet research for several days and discussed it with webmasters in various SEO-related blogs and forums. Different SEO Expert has different views on this topic. I will first discuss how Percent Keyword Density should be in light of my research and SEO Expert doctrine.  

From the posts of several old blogs, I see that most SEO Experts then said that Keyword Density is usually the best place to put between 2% and 4%. In that regard, Google recommends between 2% and 4% for search engines and 3% to 5% for Yahoo search engines and 6% to 8% for Bing search engines. However, current bloggers and SEO Expert Masses say Keyword Density should not be specified to indicate how much Percent is supposed to be. Realizing the importance of each part of the post in this case, through your Common Sense, I suggest using the Keyword where necessary. But at the same time, it is important to point out that the Keyword Density should not be too numerous in any case. Then the search engine will put the post in the Spam list. Google also describes the topic in a similar way, not recently.

In My Opinion how much-Percent should Keyword Density?

For everyone, I would suggest that you be very careful when writing posts and do not repeat the keyword in a way that can be explained by a keyword. Because it will enhance Keyword Density instead of enhancing the beauty of your articles. On the other hand, keep in mind that you should not use the Keyword in the required space. Because it will reduce the meaning and beauty of your blog post article. First of all, one thing to say is that if you can keep the Keyword Density from 5% to 5%, it is best. However, if the quantity is less or more than that, it will not matter.   Conclusion:   Keyword Density should not only be the key when writing a blog post but it should also be kept in mind where and how to use the Keyword. Then you will be able to increase the traffic from the search engine by writing a good SEO optimized blog post by maintaining all the contents of the Keyword.  

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