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Today I will share with you, what is the domain? Is it useful, of course, for the newcomers, who do not know, for them.

A domain is an English word which has the meanings of Bengali words. If you want to open a website, you will have to buy a place and domain on the Internet. If anyone wants to come to your office, then he has to know the address. For the website, this address is its name, which is called Domain Name. This domain name will be uniquely identifying your website. Everyone in the world will recognize and access the website using this name.

For example, every person has a name. This name carries her identity. Domain name is very similar to people’s name. The difference between the domain name and man’s name is that people’s names are not unique, that is, one name has many people. But the domain name is completely unique, that is, there is no other domain in the world, just look at the mobile number as an example, as if your phone number does not match any number of the hub.

A domain is the address of a website. By which, users can find your website. For example, you can see www.Google.com as a domain name. Again IP address instead of a domain name. You can also visit your website using or visit any website.

IP addresses are usually numbered. Such as; An IP address. There are several parts to a website. Such as; http://www.Google.com is a domain name

Here, the section “HTTP: //” is the protocol, “www.” Is the hostname, “Google” is the name of the organization/domain name / 2 level domain and “.com” part is the domain extension. That is, building a site: Protocol //: Web.DomainName.Domain Extension.

The first thing in creating a website is the discussion of what this domain will be like.

Let’s know a little more about the domain

All the files on a website are in a server (computer). Every server has a specific IP address (Internet Protocol Address). By which the server can be found on the Internet. For example, our website’s IP address may be:

But it is not possible to remember the IP address of all the websites. This problem is resolved by the Domain. An IP address is set for a domain. As a result, loading that domain loads the website.

Google.com is the domain of our site. It will load our website when loading it. Each domain consists of two main components. One is the domain name and another domain suffix. Google.com is Google’s domain name and .com domain suffix.

Domain Name must have at least 3 characters and can have up to 63 characters. Only English characters, numbers up to 0-9, and “Hyphen” can be used within Domain Name.

Different Types of Domains

The domain is again a few types. TLD = Top Level Domain Eg .com, .org, .net, .info, .pw, .me etc. These are the highest level domains.

gTLD = Generic Top Level Domain The top-level domains that do not belong to any country are called gTLDs. .com, .org, .net, .info etc. Some Generic Top Level Domain And .in, .pk are not generic top-level domains.

SLD = SubLevel Domain: If there is anything before it, it will be called SubLevel Domain. Such as blog.Test.com blog here SubLevel Domain There may be multiple sub-level domains at one domain. Such as m.blog.test.com etc.

ccTLD = Country Code Top Level Domain Different countries have their own domain name Country Code Top Level Domain. Such as .bd (Bangladesh), .pk (Pakistan), .us (America), .uk (United Kingdom), .in (India) etc.

The world’s first domain is symbolics.com. It was registered on Massachusetts computer company by Symbolics on March 15, 1985.

Top-level domains: .com .net .org .info etc. Domains are called top-level domains. (To buy these domains) Free domain: .blog.com .xtgem.com .blogspot.com .tk, wordpress.com, weebly.com etc. The domain is called free domain. (These domains are available at freebies)The price of a top-level domain can be up to $7-$10 USD for 1 year.

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