The Best 5 Shopping Cart Software for E-commerce Website

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Shopping cart is very important for an e-commerce website. Because the main purpose of an e-commerce website is a product sale. And the product sale requires shopping cart facilities so that the customer can order the product online, buy it or save it for future purchase. And all this is required to arrange a shopping cart on the e-commerce website. With shopping cart software, you can easily create all these arrangements for customers on your e-commerce website.

E-commerce Shopping Cart Software

Developing a shopping cart software can be very complicated and time-consuming, even expensive. However, the good news for e-commerce website owners is that many world-renowned software companies have released some of the great software they have developed for free. Here are the top 5 shopping cart software for you.

1. Magento eCommerce Platform

Magento Shopping Cart Software

Magento has quickly gained popularity with etailers. You can watch a demo of it for free for Community Edition. Due to its excellent design and professional look, it has quickly become attractive to everyone.

This software is built with sitemaps, multi-currency support, multi-language support, search and advanced search functionality, sorting options, categories, and subcategories. The manual install will have to work on FTP, MYSQL and web servers. These include Google Checkout (Google Wallet), PayPal, Moneybookers, Credit Cards, Check / Money Order, Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery, and many more as payment methods.

2. PrestaShop Ecommerce

PrestaShop  Shopping Cart Software

If you are looking for a beautiful, modern and professional and free e-commerce software then its demo version is for you. Software featuring newsletters, Google Maps integration, sitemaps, automatic image resizing, multi-language support, print editions, categories and subcategories, tax rates, shipping rates, customer reviews, customer comments, etc.

This software also includes features that are very good product search functionality and help to correct misspellings by providing keyword typing features. For example, if you type something in the name “Buket”, you will automatically switch to “Bucket” as the correct spelling.

Installing this software will not be too difficult if you have a general idea about how FTP, MYSQL and web servers work. Payment methods include Allied Wallet,, Bank Wire, Cash-Ticket, Check, DIBS, Google Checkout (Google Wallet), Hype, Moneybookers, Ogon, PayPal, etc.

3. OpenCart Open Source Shopping

OpenCart Shopping Cart Software

This is an open-source shopping cart software that is good and popular. Multi-Store Support, Categories & Subcategories, Sort Options, Multi-Language Support, Multi-currency Support, Product Review, Automatically resize product images, Tax rates, shipping rates, cross-sales, coupons, Google Shopping Feed, Google Attachments, Google OpenCart is software with features like talk, custom meta tags, etc.

Better design and better search engine function make the software more professional. There are 2 other payment methods including checkout, LIKEP, WorldPay,, Moneybookers, Check / Money Order, PayPal, PayPoint, EWE, SEZPAY, PayMate, AlertPay, bank transfer and many more.

4. Zen Cart Ecommerce

Zen Cart Shopping Software

One of the most popular e-commerce companies since 2003 is Jane Kurt. Although there is no live demo on its official site, some live stores can be found in Jane’s cart exhibition directory. Features include coupons, discounts, gift certificates, minimum or maximum order limits, customizable store layouts, customer access control, search and advanced search, functionality, meta tags, sorting options, newsletters and more.

There is no mobile version for Zen Cart Ecommerce. The Zen Cart team posted on their forum that they are working on version 1.6 which will give the shopping cart a more modern template. If you have a basic idea about how FTP, MYSQL and web servers work, you can easily install them. Payment methods include, Cash on Delivery, Free Order, FirstData / LinkPoint, Check / Money Order, PayPal, etc.

5. CubeCart Lite eCommerce

CubeCart Shopping Cart Software

There are currently two versions of CubeCart. The free version “CubeCart Lite” will be discussed here. It includes categories and subcategories, McAfee Secured Audits, template drive themes, logo management, automatic image resizing and photo frame creation. It also has image zoom, customizable SEO, meta tags, multi-language support, multi-currency support, product reviews, order management, bookkeeping support, offline mode, offline mode, reCAPTCHA and many more.

However, the Lite version of CubeCart is not mobile optimized. Even so, the addons used in it are very difficult to find. If you have ideas about FTP, MYSQL and web servers, it can be easily installed. Used as a payment system for 2checkout, card save, card stream, card capture, charity clear, Crano pay, first data, HSBC API, Moneybookers, online Nayar, Pagerun, Pay offline, PayPal, PayPoint, etc.

Almost 90% of all products worldwide are sold online. The world has already created a huge e-commerce website. If you also plan to create an e-commerce website for an online product sale or if you have already created it but cannot arrange a shopping cart, download any of the shopping cart software here today.

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