The Beginner’s Guide to URL Shorteners

URL Shorteners

(URL) Uniform Resource Locator It is used as the address to reach specific sites of the World Wide Web or to a specific resource. and – both of these but urls, even these two will take you to the same page, but they are not one thing! Their structures are different but different. If these two people take the same web page, then what is the difference between them?

Well, you can see that the URL is another short version. This is the URL Shortener Service! But here the story ends. There’s more to know, just scroll down this page to scroll!

URL Shortener

URL Shortening or Bangla URL Shortening – The main purpose of this is to shorten the current lengthy URL so that it is possible to remember or share more, and the small version URL can be taken to the web page. There are URL shortener services, but they work by using the same principal. The small URL is redirected to the big URL so that the smaller ones can also take the visitors to the same page.

For example; This long URL prevails, but manually can be shortened and these two URLs will take you to the same YouTube video page. Even if you want to copy the URL from the share option below the YouTube video player, the automatic small version will be copied.

It does not work like that, of course, YouTube sets youTu. Be domain in December 2009 and it works by using the redirect method with any long link to YouTube.

However, sometimes this method is known as domain hack and award or phrase is matched using a different extension. For example, YouTube’s main URL is YouTube.Com, but the short URL is YouTu.Be, Belgium’s Country Level Domain here. Uses the YouTube Ward by using it. The internet term is matched by using .NET top-level domain here.

URL Shortener Service

The URL shortening system has gained much popularity over the past few years. Many big brands and companies share the main website links on their Facebook or Twitter page and then share them. In 2009, Google launched its own URL Shortener Service, which was not open to anyone at all, but later created a dedicated website called and there was no URL to shorten any URL.

However, from April 13, 2018, only those who already use the service have the option of shortening the URL. Google has decided to completely stop this service from March 30, 2019. However, there are still many URL Shortener Service Providers in the market which offer paid and paid services for free and commercial users, Bit.Ly is one of them.

Along with the URL Shortener Service Providers, many websites use their own URL Shortening System and they only use them on their own platform. For example, Twitter, they use T.Co short URLs. In the case of any external link shared on Twitter, the automated T.Co will be shortened. FB. I am also Facebook’s FB.ME, after entering any user name with the forward slash, you can go to the profile, such as FB.ME/DONE.

Bit.Ly as well as TinyURL but quite a popular URL Shortener Service Provider. Originally, the Tiny URL was first introduced in the URL shortening system, which started in 2002. Then it got so popular that at least 100 of the sites went out with the same type of name. Then in 2009, Billie came and achieved success.

Bitley offers more than 600 million links in a short time and offers premium services. You can buy a short version of your brand domain and use the bit line tool to create your own branded URL shortener. Then you can easily find out who, when, where and how to click on your shortened link. There are many more Simili service providers like BitLine and they also provide the same feature.

Importance of URL Shortener!

I know you are intelligent enough, and even though I did not write this point, you know now the importance of URL shortening. Talk to this point to maintain a kind of tune of Butt. However, remember, if you want to send a specific link to your friend by SMS, but the text limit on SMS is only 160 characters, yes though most modern smartphones and operators currently support text up to 1600 characters. But think of a lot of big links that you can not share via SMS.

Again twitter and tweet text limit 280 characters, so you write a tweet or paste the link? In these cases, the short version of the link can prove to be very useful for you. Besides, one thing cannot be forgotten, it seems that the URL seems to be more beautiful and elegant than the long URL!

Again you can also say, who is concerned about short URL? – Yeah, you’re upset, so read this post at last, and thanks for that!

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