Privacy Policy

Thank you so much for being with TechJan. We have put this policy before you in order to protect your privacy properly. When you read our policy, you will find out how we evaluate blog visitors’ personal information: Also, from this page, you will get clear ideas about our other policies.

What kind of information do we collect?

When someone contacts us through comments, subscribes to our blog, or through name, email address, and other details, we collect the information in our data repository as appropriate. Also, when someone uses email through our blog’s contact form, we collect his / her address in our information store.

How do we use the information we collect?

  • Your personal experience – The information you provide helps us tailor ideas to the needs of everyone.
  • To improve our site – I try to improve the design of the blog based on the information you have.
  • Improving customer service – We play a more effective role in knowing customer service and needs from the information you provide.
  • To send periodic emails – I use to send regular newsletters or answer questions via the email address you provide.

How do I keep your information safe?

We implement various security measures to maintain information security when accessing, submitting or accessing your personal information. Your personal information is not shared with any person or organization without your permission.

Do we use cookies?

In the case of a website in accordance with the European Union (EU) rules, visitors have to use cookies to provide ideas about their desired website. That is why we use cookies to collect information. Cookies are small files that sites or service providers transfer to your computer’s hard drive (if you allow) through your web browser. These cookies enable the site to detect your browser. We use cookies to share various articles to suit the needs of our blog visitors and protect their interests and needs. Using these cookies allows us to easily get ideas about the visitors to our blog.

Do We Disclose Any Information?

We do not intentionally sell or disclose any information to third parties or visitors to any person or organization. In this case, we store your information in our personal data repository with security. However, we only share the information of our visitors when we are obliged to give the information to a law enforcement agency or organization, either legally or in accordance with the rules. Otherwise, no one outside your network will know your information.

Sometimes, at our sole discretion, we offer the third-party product or service links on our site. But in this case, we also first check if third-party sites have separate and independent privacy policies. As such, we have no responsibility for the content and activities of this linked site. We are always welcome to protect the integrity of our site and provide your feedback on the site.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Law Compliance

The Services on our site are operated by a minimum of 3 years of age or older. If you have been using our blog from the United States and are less than 5 years old, I recommend not using this site. Because our blog does not permit the use of children under the age of 5 under COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may change the Privacy Policy at any time to address our blog’s needs. As the Privacy Policy changes will be notified through this Facebook Page. In this case, you can find out about the changes and enhancements you have with our page.

Give us a complaint or an opinion about our Privacy Policy

We always seriously evaluate the opinions of readers and visitors to our blog. If you have any complaints or comments about the privacy policy of our site, you can let us know through our Contact form. Receiving Your Opinion: We will do our best to evaluate your suggestion and amend or amend our Privacy Policy.