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Personal Blog Examples for Students – Start a Blog Step by Step

We all love to read quality blogs. Blog Examples for Students It’s a great way to learn something new, something useful; or to be entertained. However, a lot of people want to become famous bloggers, since that position has a lot of potential for monetization. If you are studying about starting a blog, you can do so pretty quickly.

For whatever reason, you want to create your blog; you can be assured that it is one of the best decisions you can make. Because, blogging can provide thou with numerous benefits, from the sturdy feeling of fulfillment from educating, inspiring, and helping others to build awareness, gaining influence, and forming connections that may even lead to an excellent job offer. Blogging can open a lot of opportunity doors for you and help you make a difference not only in your personal, Student, and professional life but also in the lives of your readers. Of course, spreading the word about it and bringing the best kind of readers who will find your content interesting and useful requires having good and efficient strategies in place. So what are you going to do? Well, your homework, for starters; you’ve got to know your stuff to stand out in this crowd. A good point to start might be this article with the list of the best blogs on the web. Find the people who are making what you want to do, and doing it well. Then take their best practices, get your own spin to put on the concept.

What truly is a blog?

Let us quickly go above what is a blog? A blog is a website or a web page that is updated on a regular basis with content that the readers of the blog can find inspirational or educational. A Blog blog blog examples for students have different purposes, such as raising the awareness of an individual cause or a brand, establishing one’s self as an expert in a particular field, or promoting a business also increasing sales, to name just a few. It all depends on the type of blogs, of course.

For example, your blog may be your online journal, where you will publish your thoughts and feelings and share them with the world. This may be what you want to do, but its success keys are providing real value using a friendly and conversational voice while being consistent with your readers.

What best blogs have universal?

There are thousands of blogs on the web, but how really successful bloggers are able to cut the competition word and push their blogs to the top? They provide content that is given to the real value of their readers. They had a unique voice that their readers wanted to hear and this made them different. It created some tough competition for new entrants in the blogosphere, trying to make their name. Even if the issue you want to deal with is also a concept that has been told a thousand times, you can still create a cover and tell your story. You can create compulsory materials that will be a unique personality of your unique textbook that your readers can relate to each word you write and can really fall in love with.

Quality content is just like all favorite blogs in general. Of course, there is a number of followers, but the content is the only material that attracts them in the first place and returns to them even more. Therefore, if you want to make your blog attractive, always keep an eye on the quality of your content.

Want to start a personal blog?

If you want to start your own personal blog, you can do it yourself very quickly. Once you have chosen a name for your blog (domain name) and blogging platform, you have to take a few more steps that are easy to make, and you can upload your blog and go on any occasion. You will have to choose for your web hosting provider and new bloggers, we are a website that recommends Bluetooth over 2 million websites worldwide. When you sign up with them you will get a free domain name, plus they guarantee a 30-day money-back guarantee.

It is recommended by 99% of blogging experts and named it “the best and brightest in the world of hosting”.


If you do not find your preferred domain name, then Bluehost will help you by choosing one later. That will give you some time to research and think.


Remember, after starting your blog and typing your content, you should always keep an eye on your target audience and their needs so that you can provide them with their original quality and quality because this will make your blog successful. Make sure you dive deeply into our blogging section and it will certainly read because you certainly find most useful blogging tips.

Check out this blog examples for students list of best Niche blogs

So, here in Fast Sites, we decided to give you the opportunity to stay up to date with all the latest trends in a particular place.

We make a list of different blogs on the internet today. See what they’re doing on their blogs and see if they can find ways to make it even better! You can acquire valuable insight and actually have something to do with your new approach to blogging. We hope this will inspire you to create an extraordinary blog that will attract a significant number of followers who are always looking forward to reading your new blog post.

Lifestyle Blogs

➤ Gala Darling
➤ Apartment Therapy

Eco & Green Blogs

➤ Green Living Guy
➤ The Green Mama

Photography Blogs

➤ William Beem
➤ Humans Of New York

DIY Blogs

➤ DIY Inspired
➤ Pretty Handy Girl

Mom Blogs

➤ Teach Mama
➤ Dooce

Copywriting and Writer Blogs

➤ Wording Well
➤ Write to Done

Social Media Blogs

➤ Convince and Convert
➤ Buffer Social

Pet Blogs

➤ I Have Cat
➤ Manny The Frenchie

Design Blogs

➤ In Honor Of Design
➤ We And The Color

Business & Entrepreneurship Blogs

➤ Small Business Trends
➤ Smart Passive Income

Fitness Blogs

➤ Life In Leggings
➤ Live Life Active

Daddy Blogs

➤ Dad CAMP
➤ Diary of The Dad

Marketing Blogs

Content Marketing Institute

Financial Blogs

➤ Planting Money Seeds
➤ Retired by 40

Education Blogs

➤ Busy Teacher
➤ Emerging EdTech

Tech Blogs


You can certainly create many successful blogs for a model. Some of the top blog examples for students mentioned above are specific to inspire you and help you get the right directions that will lead to your goal.

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