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From this series, you will learn from creating a website, starting with the next step, everything!

Keeping in mind the Bigener’s word, the WordPress goes series will start from the core of WordPress. Many people may already know about these things, but you also continue to follow the series. From the basics we will gradually take the series on pro level, in this we get equal ideas on all the visitors of the.

Technology knows better about different terms, but do not know much about the creation and maintenance of the website, you can have a question, how can you create a website, how does it come to Google? Friends, be patient, hopefully, you can find answers to these questions on the website through a regular series of wirebeddy, as well as you can also find out how to create a website. In fact, those who think that web design, coding to create a website, are going to break their mistakes.


Knowing the website, there is absolutely no need to give knowledge, even if you do not know the definition of the book, you surely know what the website is. Kotikota website is spread across a large part of the Internet. Starting from Google, your favorite Facebook and a website

Before knowing what is necessary, why it is necessary to have basic knowledge about how the website works or how a normal website is built. If you do not know how the website is actually created, then the importance of WordPress can be difficult to understand, why do you build websites like Kanaa, why is WordPress? Let’s try to clean the subject in simple languages.

See, in the book language, a website is used to mean a directory or say a folder, where there is a combination of one or more web pages. If we talk about our Webbie website, here’s a homepage first and then links to more pages with the homepage, so that thousands of web pages are combined, the entire Wirebird website is built. Not only Wirebide, all the websites of the world work on the same principle. Now let’s talk about the webpage, which can tell the molecule of a website. And there are many more things on the webpage, such as images, style files, different codes, scripts – that you can call atoms on a website. It is understandable that many web pages are needed to complete a website and many more components are needed to complete the webpage.

How to host web server and website there. Let’s try to discuss this topic again in a different style. Imagine a common folder on your computer or a simple folder on your mobile – where you have stored a file. How is it possible to access files in a computer’s folder? Of course, you have to find that folder name, then open the folder and access the file according to the file name, right? If you want to access the file directly, then you need a hot link to that file. Meaning, “C: TecHubs Img Demo-TH-Logo.png” is such a link, it will be possible to access the file directly. When you visit a website’s homepage, you’re in the root folder. That means you’re in the starting folder. Then you can access different folders by visiting different links.

Now, what is the main structure of a web page made up of? Of course, by HTML code. You have loaded this web page into the browser and you have been able to enjoy the article from the beautifully designed page. But this page is not just text, there are many files and many codes. Even though you can see this page as a page, your browser can see it in a different way, then it renders the webpage through the code. After loading any webpage in the browser, clicking on the “View Page Source” option will display the code for that page. However, this means that there are many folders on the web server and each folder has a webpage, you can load that page by visiting its direct links.

Now the question is if a web page is not exactly how you view it, then you have to write those codes, you have to give those commands to the browser, then it helps to show the page as it does not? If you see the source code of this page, then you will understand that the code has been used here, it means that you have to create an HTML file by coding it, then it will be left in the web server folder, then it can load the page using the hot link in that file. Is.

Friends, we have come to the core of the article. Here WordPress or similar website builder software is very important. WordPress basically gives you a user interface where you just write content, but WordPress software will convert it to automatic HTML pages, that means you do not have to manually create thousands of page coding pages. But if HTML pages are created automatically, then coding is necessary. Since pages are being created using automated software, coding here is not absolutely necessary. By using WordPress you will feel that you are writing something on your computer’s word processing software and it is being automatically converted to a web page.

WordPress is an open-source web content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It can be installed on a web server on a computer’s localhost or via the internet hosting service. On May 27, 2003, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little WordPress released.

Why WordPress? 

Those who already use WordPress, they have ideas about how to use WordPress. But those who are new, often ask questions; Why WordPress? Many times they make WordPress just as a blogging platform. For that reason, WordPress is a versatile webcam with highly efficient functionality. Here CMS refers to the Content Management System.

You can create a general blog with WordPress, as well as create mobile applications from different business websites. Do not worry, we’ll cover these series slowly, how you can create various websites with WordPress. The best aspect of WordPress is the web content management system, as it is not any more flexible! And for this reason, those who come to the website field, WordPress is one of the favorites. A recent survey has found that 22.5% of the internet’s Web site is powered by WordPress.

Full free

Another popular reason for the popularity of WordPress is that it is totally free. People can install and use this WordPress freely on their hosting or server. Even there is no restriction on using the WordPress source code as its own customization. For this reason, the word “automated” is created by the creation of WordPress.

In WordPress, premiums can be used with great themes, as well as up to 2600 free themes. There are many plugins in the same way but there are more than 31000 free plugins. This means that you do not need to manually design your website coding. A developer has already made designs, you just like Just Design and install, much like setting up a theme or a launcher on Android mobile. And using the plugin, you can add new features to the website regularly, no coding will be needed. As many installments have been added by installing an app on your phone.

And to use this WordPress you need a domain and web hosting. [In this series, there will be a detailed article about domain and hosting. You can find out which WordPress hosting is best for WordPress) because it’s free-to-open source, it’s a community software. Throughout the world, many velocities are improving through direct and indirect ways, creating free themes, creating plugins, documentation updates, translating WordPress.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

Many think that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are the same. Although these two companies are of the same company, the service is not the same.

WordPress.org is called Real WordPress. Here, downloading WordPress from the official site and setting up a self-hosted server with its own domain. We will discuss WordPress.org mainly in this series. WordPress can be used in any way, without giving any extra money to WordPress. The e-commerce site can be created from the membership site.

On the other hand, WordPress.com WordPress is a fully paid program. First of all, many people entered it and the wordpress.com subdomain would open the site. But to get all the benefits of the original WordPress, you will have to spend Rs 2000 as a month. Which is called the WordPress business service. Unlimited time domain and the server will be provided from all WordPress, as well as always available 24-hour support for WordPress support team. But none of the big news media such as Times and Company used it. It is bad for personal bloggers because they can earn money, that is, they can not use advertising services. WordPress.com also has a free service, but it does not do the same thing. We will know later, if you would like to know more about this, please comment below. Anyway, think of wordpress.com for you, not me. WordPress.org for us

How easy is WordPress?

WordPress is another plus point, the WordPress interface is very easy. It is easy to understand people, there is nothing difficult and the biggest thing is that no coding skill takes place. We will talk about these series later. Some are actually new, they said, open the website, do not know web design, web development does not understand, coding. There is nothing to worry about the brothers-you have WordPress. Here you can also create a professional website, you just have to be familiar with the complete interface and some of the activities must be mastered. There are more CMSs like WordPress and among them, Joomla is another popular CMS, but WordPress is the best.

Hopefully, you know what you are doing with WordPress. In the next series, you will find new articles about something you know or know about. Hopefully, this series will also make you a website expert and WordPress geek. There will be so much detail about making a WordPress PowerDown website from this series, but if you are completely incompatible, then you will be compelled to follow this series. Today’s basic phase ends here, of course, any questions you have to comment below and yes, the share is more than the share but your responsibility!

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