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science technology

If the question is, science fiction technology will never go to the real world? On the other hand, many people on the forehead ask, “Why in the world do you live in the world?” Why are the technologies of imagination coming? However, if you have read the science fiction of Jules Verne, you should understand how many years ago the imaginary technology written today has been a wonderful way of life.

But surprisingly these technologies do not surprise us. Looks like these are going to be. Imagine imagination today is a reality that will take effect after a few days. Occasionally I think science and technology will go back to some level after a hundred years or thousands of years.

Not the good luck to see it do not imagine. Our brain’s imagination is limited! But not hundreds of years later, today we will know about all the technologies that in the current year or the next year, there will be the dominant power of the world’s premier. It means that apart from these, the modern world cannot be imagined. So let’s go, the modern world does not fall anymore.

Graphene-Modern Industrial Revolution

Graphene is a multicellular carbon content. It has been made of graphite, churches (refined wood coal), carbon nanotube, and fuller in combination. Although the first graphene was made before 2004, efforts have been made to produce graphene at a very present level.

Because Graphene gives everything a comparatively good condition. It can also give us the fast internet. Moreover, it is so powerful that the building built by Graphene is 100 times stronger than the normal seal. It can also be used as a filter, which can be used to pollute polluted sea water and even toxic water.

 Modern Industrial Revolution

Graphene can be used to make smartphones. We can not finish the use of Graffin one day. Because there are so many versatile uses that it is impossible to describe almost. Graphene will be leading all sorts of ideas. Next day our world depends on graphene. That means if the second industrial revolution ever happens, then it depends on Graphene. I’m certainly not saying it.

Artificial intelligence

We saw the intelligent robot in different movies. Those who can do all kinds of things by listening to the commands of the people. If you look like Iron Man Movie, you might have noticed that the computer can act according to the Hero’s command.

In addition, in science fiction, we read the computer (CDC) that we can talk to people. It is not just the sci-fi epic Soon this technology is going to be transformed into reality. Do not believe? A little bit more information will be made.

Artificial intelligence

You are certainly familiar with the Windows 10 operating system with the Corton associated with it. Although you are not familiar, you must have a question about its operation. The Corton is called Virtual Assistant. It can do a lot of intelligence as humans do. 

Maybe so far we are not getting anything we expected. But robots and computer programs that can communicate with people in the near future. Some programs (Siri, Google Now, Cortana etc) are still in development.

Brain-computer interface

Although such technology has already been created. You know, currently, one of the best living and timeless scientists Stephen Hawking himself can speak. But the computer can decide what they think. In this case, the technology is being worked out in a big way.

This means that now you have to give command using the computer’s mouse keyboard. You just do not think the computer works according to that. The computer can work on the basis of its mission to understand the language of your eyes. There is no song, eyes say that of the mind. What is more like that!

Brain computer

The staff will be robots

At first, I can say that some people do not understand the mechanism of hand-held legs like a robot. Robots can be in any shape. Although the use of robots in factories is very large, it is still not so extensive. There are only those workers’ robots. They can only do that program inside them.

But intelligent robots will be made in the coming years. Those who can do a lot of work themselves (though they will also need a program). A modern intellectual robot is going to be among the most collaborative people. Are you ready to get an assistant robot?


Wireless power transfer

We already know the wireless technology. Especially we all use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. Moreover, using these wireless mouse, keyboard, hard drive. But wireless transmission technology is only limited in wave transmissions, but still, technology can transfer it to energy transmissions.

Wireless power transfer

But in the next few years, the transfer of electricity to wireless technology will take place. If you have a mobile charger in your house then you can charge mobile phones using energy in the air. However, power transfer is done through roughly electromagnetic induction. So it will not be used too far.

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