How to View Blocked Facebook Friends

blocked facebook friends

Current era technology. And through this technology, social media is growing in the whole world, Facebook’s dominance. Creating new friends there, talking with them, publishing moments of daytime, and spending a lot of time in the day.

Again many times Facebook friends are unfinished and the reason for the block is also bad. Someone who wants to know who has infrared or blocked on Facebook. But how can you understand who blocked you? The Independent has published a report on The Independent. You must first go to the Facebook search bar to find the blocker and find out the name of the person who is suspected.

If you can not find it, then be sure that he has blocked you or Deleted his account. Because no one will block you from Facebook or delete his account, then you will not see his profile. Even friend requests, messages, or comments cannot be seen. The second thing that you can do is click on the old conversation with the person who blocked you.

If his name looks black in bold and cannot be clicked there. Then understand that he is still an active user of Facebook. But you’ve blocked it. Even then you might not believe that he has dropped you from the virtual world. You can think that they have deleted their accounts.

In this case, you can adopt the third method. Find out whoever is associated with the blocker. To know if you are suspicious, go to that mutual friend’s Facebook to find out if he is active. If you have been blocked, and if not, then he deleted the account.

To view your blocked list on your mobile application, there remain two ways:

Step: A

  1. On your Facebook app, tap on one menu button 
  2. Tap on Account Settings
  3. Tap on “Blocking

Step: B

  1. Touch on this menu (☰) button 
  2. Tap on “Privacy shortcuts
  3. Scroll down and touch on How close I stop someone from bothering me?
  4. On the drop-down list, tap on “Blocked users

On Your Browser:

  1. Click  on the head right of any Facebook page
  2. Click Privacy Shortcuts
  3. Click How to do I stop someone from bothering me?
  4. Click View All Blocked Users.

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