How to Transfer Domain Name

How to Transfer Domain Name

Before writing about How to Transfer Domain Name, I briefly discuss what or why a domain is. If you want to open a website, you need to buy a domain on the internet. If someone wants to come to your home, they need to know your home address. In the case of the website, this address is the name of the domain name. This domain name will Identify your website. The domain name is completely unique, meaning that one domain does not match another. So in a word, the domain is the address of a website through which users will be able to find your website.

What is Domain Name Transfer?

Domain transfer is the process of changing your domain registrar. That is, transferring the domain name from one domain provider to another domain provider. Simply put, transferring a domain from one domain registrar to another is called Domain Transfer. To put it simply, transferring a domain from one domain vendor company to another domain vendor company is Domain Transfer. Many people think that adding a domain from one blog/website to another is called Domain Transfer. In fact, it’s a completely false idea. I’ll discuss it briefly below or try to make ideas.

Which is Needed to do Domain Transfer

In order to transfer a domain, you need to have control of your domain, ie the Full Control Panel. There are many domain companies that do not want to give you full control of the domain. In this case, when buying a domain you should know very well whether they will give you full control over the domain. There are mainly two things you need to do to transfer a domain – “Domain Transfer Code “This may be different from the provider/company name. Such as – Transfer Key, Secret Code, EPP Code, Domain Secret or EPP. The second is access to the email with the domain you have registered, ie the domain admin email. Because after sending the Domain Transfer Request, a Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you asking for your permission. So if your email is not active then you cannot transfer the domain.

How to Transfer a Domain Name?

  • First login to your domain panel. If your domain is locked from domain management, unlock it and close the privacy and save the “Domain Transfer Code”.
    • Note: As I mentioned earlier, if you do not have the domain’s Full Control Panel, you cannot do this.
  • Register now at your new provider/company site. Then click on the Domain Transfer option. There, replace the “Domain Transfer Code” with the code. Provider Ved may contain some information or addon. After adding them, complete the order.
  • Then a mail will be sent to your domain admin email asking for Permission. There will be a link, click on it to allow domain transfer. So much work is done. Now you have to wait 72 hours. Within 72 hours your domain will be transferred to a new provider.

That can be a problem with Domain Transfer

  • Your domain must be at least 8 days old. This means that at least 7 days after domain registration you will be allowed to transfer the domain.
  • Still, you cannot transfer a domain from one provider to another, if the registers are the same in two providers.

Can the domain change from one Blogger to another?

Yes, you can add a domain from one blog to another by changing the CNAME Record or Name Server from the Management section of your domain. However, there are some things you need to think about well before doing this. If you have been using that domain for a long time and your blog has a lot of posts then there will be some problems.

For example, after a long day of use, the post of your domain name will be recorded in the search engine (SEO). As a result, visitors coming from search engines will often get frustrated and annoyed. With this problem, you will have to suffer for some longer. So if the domain is too old, it doesn’t seem fair to me to switch to another blog.

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