How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost

 WordPress Blog with Bluehost

Worldwide there are many cheap and reliable hosting services for WordPress, but the best of them is the you know? WordPress is the official way to host WordPress in 4 web hosting companies?

1.Bluehost (money value)
2. Siteground
3. InMotion Hosting
4. Kinsta (Free daily backup, free for high traffic sites including SSL and WordPress updates)

I will order the Bluehost for WordPress hosting. Because, to run a successful WordPress blog, they offer you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, premium support and everything else.
Complete Guide to Installing WordPress Blog with Bluehost Hosting:

Self-hosted WordPress platform is one of the best platforms to start blogging and earn money.

Bluehost offers a standard cPanel hosting, which is made by Fantastico. One of the easiest ways to install WordPress by Fantastico, or you can use the manual WordPress installation method. Although, I use Fantastico because it’s really simple and effective.

If you still can not determine whether Bluehost hosting is right for you, then I suggest you take the Bluehost hosting. Bluehost meets any of the important technical requirements of any WordPress website. It can easily manage any low, medium or high traffic site. You must always use a WordPress cache plugin when you use shared / VPS hosting
Get ready to move on to the original tutorial

Log in to your Bluehost account and click “hosting” at the top of the cPanel.

Bluehost Cpanel
Scroll to “website” and click “Install WordPress” from the list.

Install WordPress
On the next page, click “Install”.
Install WordPress

On the next page, select the domain that WordPress would like to install.

Bluehost Install WordPress

If you do not know your domain “www.” Or “www” but you can decide here. Nowadays everyone likes short URLs, so I “www.” We recommend you select your domain (you will get this option when you click on dropdown)

If your domain is free, click “Next”.
Click “Show advanced options”:

Wordpress advanced options

In this step, you can choose your WordPress username and password for your login

Alert: Make sure that you do not select “admin” as the username. Instead, use some complex usernames with a complex password. Also, give a check mark for “Automatically create a new database for this installation”.

Click “Install Now” and start installing WordPress.
The entire process will take about 1 minute to complete.
Do not close the page until you see the check mark and the word “Installation Complete.

WordPress Installation Complete

An email will be sent to the registered email address about login and password information.

That’s it! Nothing else.

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