How to Scan With Phone

You can easily do the job using your mobile camera if you want to save the book or any document in PDF format or in the form of a picture.

For this, search the Microsoft Office Lens and install it on Google Play Store, iPhone App Store or Microsoft Store. After opening the app you can see the camera like the following.

After opening it will come.

But its specialty is that it will automatically mark the surface of the page with a red border when you capture the book or document’s picture. If not able to accurately identify it then it can be cropped. If the camera is bent while grabbed, it will be okay after the process. After capturing it will look like the process below.

After capture

After capturing, click on the filter icon and whiteboard to white black pages. Do the following. To cut, click on crop icon and cut it. You can save it in any format by clicking on its red check mark button.

Edit and click save button
Save in any format

After saving, you will get a good quality scan quality. Check out the sample below:

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