Protect AdSense from invalid clicks

How to Protect AdSense from invalid clicks

Protect AdSense from invalid clicks verification has been done long before, but no report was given, but it is currently reported in the story. And since then, many people are scared about this and are losing money because of not following the right rules. So let’s not know what Adsense invalid clicks are and how to reduce them.

What is Protect AdSense from invalid clicks?

If in some way a false click or impression is taken from the advertisers, which is invalid, i.e., the click is intended to increase the income, it will be accepted as an invalid click.

Simultaneously, if any software visits the website, then the impressions that occur at that time will also be considered invalid. Clicking ads to increase revenue can lead to invalid clicks. Invalid clicking again also invalid clicks.

The reasons for which may be invalid clicks

  • If the website owner accidentally clicks on his website advertisement
  • If one or the other person repeatedly clicks the same advertisement
  • If users are clicked on an ad by replacing the ad in the wrong place
  • If clicked using any software or tools
  • If users are requested to click on the ad.

There may also be more reasons. However, it seems to me that this is number 3 because of the most invalid click. So, the most important to keep in mind at this point. If you try to increase your AdSense ads illegally, it may be called Invalid Click. This may suspend or cancel your AdSense account.

Therefore, it must be noted in this case. Google knows that the third party will click on the ad. Even if you do not have the hand, you have given it the responsibility to stop it. And because you can stop it by following the right rules, Google is inaccessible here.

Prevent AdSense invalid clicks?

Now that you know that AdSense will be blamed for invalid clicks, so for some reason, if you have something suspicious in your eyes, then you can tell Google immediately. Click here to let Google know.

And by regularly analyzing the topics mentioned above, you can prevent AdSense from clicking invalid clicks.

Notice the visitor’s source of your website and users’ movements. You can use AdSense custom channels, URL channels, etc., for this. In this, you can find out how much the visitor from any source can bring your Adsense difference. As well as using Google Analytics, you can learn more about your website’s users. At the same time, about their suspicious movements.

Be aware of using third-party ad networks and traffic sources that do not have enough information on whether to be uncertain or secure. Because sometimes, these third-party advertisements may be due to the reasons for the users coming from these websites and invalid clicks. For example, by closing pop-up ads, someone clicks on your AdSense ads.

No ads can be clicked on your website. Although Google will filter this click, it is completely banned. If you think the ad is your job and you really want to click on the link, you can use Google’s AdSense Publisher Toolbar to go to the link. You will get a link to view the ad without clicking the ad. This is unlikely to be an invalid click.

After using the AdSense code on the website, repeatedly check whether to put the correct code. And at the same time, make sure that there is a mistake in the code placement, whether the code has been placed in the right place, and everything has been done according to the rules.

Use the authorized sites feature from AdSense settings. It allows you to avoid using your AdSense code on any website other than your website. Basically, many websites can take information from many websites. Also, add code to your website. And it can create a violation in it.

Most of the attention should be given to ad placement. If you place an add code where there is a possibility of clicking on the ad in error, the Invalid Click will be the highest. If you click on the forget of Kanaa and the user will immediately click the back button and come back. As it is not interested in the advertisement website, this is normal.

Or he will close the tab or the browser. And this is regarded as an invalid click. Just remember that Google will not count as your income only by clicking. Google does not provide any money based on just clicks. So trying to increase clicks can cause your revenue to decline.

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