how to make windows 10 faster

How to Make Windows 10 Faster Easy Ways

How to Make Windows 10 Faster  Many of us have the wrong impression that with time the Windows PC becomes slow! It’s not like that; you can run Windows for a couple of years, at no speed will it slow down; you will not feel like slowing down the Windows 1 week; you will feel like how slow Windows is slow. This is because of how we use Windows; everything should be taken care of just like that; even if Windows does not care, it will slow down gradually.

Generally, our PCs are slow for a few reasons, which is my tune today about the solution. But this is not the tune for those who have a powerful PC because 22 GB of RAM will be on the PC or slow! Lull! But yes! Slowly, this Powerful PCO does not perform the previous performance unless properly cared for.

The main reason behind the slow down of the PC is the resourceful program that runs in our PC’s background. If the PC suddenly becomes a creator without any reason, the first word that is sure is definitely going to be a resourceful resource in the background. As a result, your CPU resources are 99%, and the PC is slow. But without any reason, we can blame your PC’s RAM memory leak as a reason to use 99% CPU resources in such away. Due to the memory leak, an application exceeds its RAM usage, uses almost all RAM parts, and uses 99% of CPU resources.

This is a common reason. Another reason is that if your computer runs a heavy-level program and simultaneously runs some programs, your PC may naturally load them together. As a result, additional CPU resources are used, and your PC is slow.

Windows 10 Run Faster

Turn on the task manager to find resourceful programs or programs. From the taskbar, click the task manager option, or press the Ctrl + Shift + Escape button from the keyboard to open the task manager. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, the new session task manager, where the upgraded interface and color codes are listed in applications, the applications that are consuming more resources are marked in yellow and red. From here, you can stop the program that is consuming more resources. It’s right-clicked, and the end Task command is closed or normal.

2) Turn off system tray programs:Turn off system

Many applications are running on our Windows taskbar system tray/notification area. These applications are turned on as a startup app when launching the PC, and the background continues. Until they click on the system tray or notification area, they are hidden in a kind of way. All these applications will be excluded from clicking the Notification Area arrow icon. It also closes on your PC fast

3) Disables startup programs:

Disables the startup programs

Some specific applications are automatically operational when the PC is launched. We can save memory and CPU circles by closing their start-up process from here, such as Bijoy software, Internet download manager, graphics card software, etc. To disable these, move from the task manager (windows 8, 8.1, 10) to the startup tab and deselect by right-clicking on the startup program from the application list. This way, you can fasten your Windows PC.

4) Reducing animation:

Reducing animation

The Windows operating system uses different types of animations to increase its user experience. For example, when minimizing and maximizing a window, we have an animation in front of us. If we want, we can speed up our Windows by disabling these animations.

To disable Windows Animation, click the Start button, click on the system, and click on Advanced System Settings. Please come here from the System Properties window to the performance option from here. Here are some box options available. Here, you can deselect the custom animation animations in the box with the custom box’s checkbox.

5) Makes web browsers light:

web browsers light

We all browse the Internet less. And the browser or browser that we use to browse has various types of extensions and add-ons available. These add-ons and extensions enhance the browser’s memory usage, and it can slow down your Windows performance. So use as much browser extension and add-on as possible. For this, go to the Extensions / Add-ons option of your browser to remove unnecessary Extensions and Add-ons. You can also load flash player materials from all the websites by applying Flash content restrictions and making the PC faster.

6) Keep PC free from malware and adware (virus):

PC free from malware


Your PC may be a reason to slow down. The secret background of various malware software is running on your PC. As many web browsers have malware attached, various product ads may appear, and the PC may be slow. And they must be free of charge. Scan with full PC antivirus.

7) Free Disk space:

Free Disk space


As soon as the tire bites hard drive is not used; if your computer has more than 90%, then your PC performance may slow down. So, we always keep a minimum of 20% of hard disk space vacant. Especially in C drive or hard disk drive, Windows has been set up, empty and empty as possible.

So, with non-interstitials and extra files, PCs do not load the hard disk and purchase a separate portable hard disk where you can store these files. It is also good to continue the DX Cleanup and Dick Defragmentation by the rules at least once a month. It removes zombie junk files in the system.

8) Uninstall interrupted and unused programs:

Uninstall interrupted


Take control panel, from there go to Programs and Features options, and get a huge list of software installed on your PC. You can get your PC quickly by uninstalling software that you do not use or interoperate here. And the best portable software is used for this. But before uninstalling any software, discuss with a PC expert if you have less idea about PC.

Because you can accidentally uninstall system software. Such as Microsoft Dot Net Frameworks, DirectX, Intel Graphics Driver, Microsoft Visual C +, etc., does not directly use the software. There are some software, such as Java, if they do not use it, it is better to install it on a PC or not.

9) Delete unnecessary features:

Delete unnecessary

Those who use Windows 10 version will see that many Internet Victim Apps are loaded on your Windows. Only those centrally-centric apps run in the background, and these rumored PCs may cause the PC to slow down. So you can quickly make your PC faster by deleting these “recreational” apps.

For this, go to the All Apps folder from the Start menu, right-click on what you want to uninstall, then uninstall. You can also see the list of all the installed software on your PC by going to the Programs and Features option by right-clicking on the Start menu logo. From here on, you can delete the entertainment features of Windows 10 and free your PC’s RAM and CPU usage.

10) Reinstall with Windows:

Reinstall with Windows


Today’s Tune finally gave it to me. Because it’s a quick and effective step to make slow Windows faster. Because if you do not fast after following 9 steps above you can give new windows. However, Windows 10 is not a hassle for new windows. This version contains this excellent PC Reset. Windows itself will delete its settings and programs automatically by reinstalling your Windows. But if you’re a PC Expert, then it’s better to give a new Windows setup with a DVD disc!

PC hardware upgrade


There is no effective method to upgrade the PC hardware if you want to make the PC first! Because your PC’s performance depends on your PC’s hardware. Good hardware if you definitely get good performance. By upgrading hardware such as RAM, graphics card, processor, hard disk, etc., you can increase your PC’s speed much more.

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