How to IP Address Blocked From Website

IP Address Blocked From Website

Do you want to block a specific IP address so that your website can not be used from that IP? IP addresses are blocked, usually used to protect websites from various types of attacks. In this article, we will try to show you how to block a particular IP address for the website.

What is the IP address?

Think the Internet is a world where IP addresses are a country, city and home address. It’s basically made up of 4 number sets and one in each set. The sign is used. It this- [ ]

When every computer is connected to the Internet, they have an IP address that determines the Internet service provider (ISP).

Each website has its own IP address and the log is stored on your website log files. That is, your IP address has been submitted on every website you have visited so far.

You can hide this information by using VPN Services. It helps to hide your IP and other information.

Why is it necessary to block IP address?

In order to protect the website from harmful visitors, spam comments, email spam, hacking attacks, DDOS (denial of service) attacks, etc. it is essential to block IP address on the website.

Most of these are seen in the DDOS attack. Then your website cannot be visited. Some of the attacks are spam comment or email spam. To prevent such an attack, it is necessary to block IP addresses later.

Where to find IP Address?

When someone makes a comment on your website, WordPress stores that IP. The comment that you have made will be seen in the comments option of your admin panel.

IP Address Blocked From Website

If your website is a victim of DDOS attack, then the best way is to check the IPs from your web server’s access log.

To check this record, you must Login to your hosting account’s cPanel. You will see an icon named ‘Raw Access Logs’ in the Logs section.

IP Address Blocked From Website

After clicking here you will see your domain name. Click here to download the record log

IP Address Blocked From Website

This log file is zipped. You have to unzip it using Winzip or any other software. After that, you can open it with Notepad of the computer. After opening, you will see the image below

IP Address Blocked From Website

Notice that the first one in each row is the IP address. Take precautions while doing this. Because otherwise, you can block the real user, your IP or IP of search engine. Check the IP that you suspect may find detailed information through the IP lookup tools.

Please note that the maximum number of requests your website has received from an IP address. Once you’ve found the IP, copy it to another location.

How to Block IP Addresses?

If you want to keep a specific IP block from being commented only then click on the Settings »Discussion page from the admin panel of your website. Scroll through the ‘Comment Blacklist’ option.

IP Address Blocked From Website

Paste the IP address you want to block here and click the Save changes button.

WordPress will now prevent these IPs from all types of comments. This IP user can visit your website but can not comment anymore. When they try to comment type, you can see an error message.

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