How to install wordpress on localhost Xampp

Install WordPress on localhost

Want to install XAMPP including WordPress to create a local WordPress development site? XAMPP makes you run a website from your very own computer. Also once you get it set up, you can spin up a new WordPress install with just a few clicks.

But to actually install XAMPP and WordPress can be a little tricky therefore you might need a helping hand.

You know that WordPress is the best for creating websites. And to create a website you must take the domain and hosting for the website.

What is the domain?

The domain is the word URL in your words such as we visit TechJan every day, for that we have to write in our browser’s URL bar and this is a domain. There can be multiple domains on one website. There is no problem.

What is the hosting?

Hosting is website storage. This means that all the information about your website will be stored in this storage. In simple words, if you want to keep your website on the internet, you will definitely need some space. And this place is the hosting.

But for domain and hosting, you must pay the money. But those who are new to WordPress are a little expensive to buy a domain and hosting with money. So to showcase WordPress today, you will show how to use your own PC as a hosting. Do not need it. But you can not find your site on the internet. 

Because it is a local hosting. Find WordPress Easy to learn and customization. You can customize the theme for the website without an internet connection. And when you finish customizing, you can upload your website from the local host to the main server and you will find your website by searching on the Internet. (But then you have to pay for domain and hosting.)

Now let’s come back to the main talk. Follow the steps below to use your PC as localhost:

To begin with, you will need software and a zip file. The software is named xampp and zip file is WordPress’s zip file.

Download the software and zip file from the following link.

Download linkXampp Software
Download linkWordPress zip file

Now after downloading, if you want to do WordPress, you can do the job without an internet connection.

After downloading Xampp software, install it, but do not install it on the PC’s local disk or C drive. Because of your different requirements, you may need to have new windows on your PC. And if you give new windows your local disk or C drive Everything will be deleted. So install on any other drive.

After installing the Xampp software, open the page, then the page will appear below.


Then click on the Start button next to Apache and MySQL and then on these two options.


Then you go to the folder where you have installed the software. Then you can see a folder named htdocs like below.

htdocs  folder

Open the folder named htdocs.
After opening you can see the following.

htdocs folder

Here you have to create a new folder and name the folder name of your website.
I created a folder in the screenshot below and named it techtalk
Now unzip the zip file you downloaded. Unzip the files below will be able to see you.
xampp install
There will be a total of 19 files and in 19 files, you copy and paste the new folder inside htdocs into that folder. For example, I created a folder named techtalk and paste it in the folder named techtalk.
Now you can go to xampp software again and click on MySQL admin to show the following.
A browser will open in front of you and the page will load. After loading the page you can see the following.
php my admin
Then click on the databases as follows.
Then enter any of the database names in the box shown below. There is no problem in giving it your desired name here. I have given mn_techtalk (but remember the name)
database name
Then click create and then the job is done. Now it is only necessary to set up WordPress.
Now open any one of the browsers to set up WordPress. Then type in the URL bar localhost / (the name of your created folder)
For example, I will write
localhost / techtalk
Then select language and click Let’s (Language must be English). Then you can see a page like below
Then you will get the name of the database created in the database like the screenshot below. Like I have created mn_techtalk
So I gave it to you. You must give it to your username. Delete the root and all of the password. In essence, keep the password’s house completely empty.
Then click Submit.
Then click Run the installation.
Then you can renew your site title, username, password, email address, click install WordPress.
(You must log in to WordPress using this username and password, so remember username and password.)
After installing WordPress you will get login option of WordPress. Then you can log in to WordPress with the username and password given to you and do all the work of WordPress.
Now when you want to work in WordPress, just start the Xampp software Apache and MySQL and go to any browser.
localhost / (your website name)/wp-admin /
[As I write localhost / techtalk / wp-admin]
Then you will get the option of WordPress login and you can log in to WordPress’s Dashboard.


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