How To Enable Your YouTube Channel For Monetization


In the previous post, you get to know about YouTube Ads, YouTube Monetization and Google Adsense. Check those who did not see the previous post.

In today’s post, you will learn how to do YouTube monetization and get more information about the price of YouTube’s various ed.

YouTube Monetization

As I mentioned in the previous post, YouTube Monetization is a process by which you allow YouTube to display ads on your channel uploaded videos. Let us now know how to monetize YouTube channel.

To monetization YouTube channel, you have to follow the steps below.

1. First sign in to your YouTube account with your Google mail and password.

2. Click on your Account icon at the top right and click Creator Studio.

3. Now select Channel> Status and features from the left side menu.

4. At this stage, you can see several tabs including Uploading, Monetization, Live Streaming. In this, you will need to click on the Monetization tab.

5. Note that if your channel content location is not provided, you must select the content location. You can not monetize your channel unless you select the contact location. To select content location, select Account icon> Channel> Advanced. At this stage, there will be an option named Country.

You can set your location from here. But if you set Bangladesh as a location, you will not be able to monetize your channel. Because there is no alternative to channel monetization on YouTube. So you have to select another location. If you think that As a result, if there is any problem later, I would say that there will be no problem in the future. All YouTube users of Bangladesh are earning by selecting the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom as their content location.

6. Clicking on the Monetization tab, you have to do 4 things.
  • Accept YouTube Partner Program Terms
  • Sign Up for Adsense
  • Set Monetization Preferences
  • Get reviewed after reaching 4000 hours Watch Time 1000 Subscriber

Accept YouTube Partner Program Terms

At this point, you will have to accept the terms of the YouTube Partner Program. Accept next to the YouTube Partner Program Terms, click on the Start button to bring you a new page. The pages of the YouTube Partner Program are written on this page. Program Terms’ and ‘I agree to the YouTube Partner Program Policies’ to check the box and click the Continue button.

Sign Up for Adsense

At this stage, you will need to add an Adsense account to your channel. Click on the Start button next to Sign Up for AdSense, a new page will appear. Here you will have two options: ‘Sign Up for AdSense’ and ‘Sign In to Adsense’. If you have an Adsense account, then by clicking on Sign In to Adsense, you can add your Adsense account to the channel. And if you do not have an Adsense account then click on Sign Up for AdSense Which will open the Adsense account. You will be informed about how to open an AdSense account.

Set Monetization Preferences

At this stage, you have to do 3 things.

  • Make sure that you want to monetize all your existing and future videos.
  • You decide which type of ad you want to see on your channel’s videos.
  • Then save your settings.

After completing the above tasks, you are fully prepared to earn income from your channel. However, the ad will not be displayed on your channel right now. According to the new rules on YouTube, your channel’s monetization will be fully completed and your channel must show 10 ads on your channel. Must be in 240000 views. Your channel’s monitors until 4000 hours Watch Time 1000 Subscriber. The Tiesation process will not be fully completed.

YouTube Monetization Requirements

If your channel has a 240,000 view, the YouTube authorities will review your channel. The main purpose of this review is to ensure that you are managing your channel by following the terms and policies of YouTube’s partner program. After that, the YouTube authorities take up to 7-10 days to complete the channel review. Once you finish your channel Monetization Panna process and that’s all! You can now start earning revenue from your channel videos.

You can display different types of videos in your channel video. The prices of different editions are also different. You will be told in the next post about how many types of ads are on YouTube and what type of ad is worth.

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