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How to Create a Payoneer Account [With $25 Bonus]

When you are a professional freelancer, you work in popular freelance marketplaces and get paid for this work. You will need to take such a create Payoneer account online banking service to get that money from your country. You can easily withdraw your money from any country with the help of this card. Not only that, but you can also use it to buy and buy your various online services.

What is Payoneer?

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard is a card that allows you to bring currency from any country to your account. And you can withdraw money from this ATM booth in any country with this card.  

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How to Create a Payoneer Account

Today I will show you how to get a Payoneer Prepaid Card from any country very quickly. Let’s complete the application for a Payoneer card today. What things will you need in advance? Yes, we need to get these things in our hands and start working.  

  • Your National ID Card or driving license or passport (Any).
  • A verified email.
  • You need to have an account at any bank in your country.
  • A verified mobile number.

Now that we’ve got everything in our hands let’s get started.  

Step 1. Create a Payoneer Account >> Click Here

Payoneer Account Open

Step 2. A screen will appear in front of you; from here, click on Sign Up.  

Payoneer Sing up

 Step 3. Now fill out this form. Remember, you are accounting as a person, not as a company. Your name and birth date must match exactly your national ID or your driving license or passport.  

Payoneer Sing up

 Step 4. Here you will provide an address from which you can collect the card. Because this address will come from your Card. And Use your own mobile number here.  

Payoneer Sing up

 Step 5. Here you will set an account password and a security question. Then enter your national ID or your driving license or passport number (any) and the name of the country for which it applies.  

Payoneer Sing up

Step 6. Congratulations! You have correctly applied for a Payoneer card. This time your application will be reviewed by the Payoneer team and will be emailed to you shortly.

Payoneer Sing up

You will receive an email like this from Payoneer once the accounting is complete.

Note: Many times Payoneer emails do not come to the inbox, so if you do not receive the email check Spam folder

Now, let’s log into Your account.

Payoneer Log in

Click here to Login into your account or visit the Payoneer website directly.

Here you login with your correct Email and Password.

Payoneer security questions

Now you will set two more security questions to enhance the security of your account. Remember, you have to remember the correct answer to this question.

This is your Payoneer account

This is your Payoneer account, which is initially in the review. Then In this way, you will receive an Approval Email after 4-5 business days. You will then realize that your account is approved by Payoneer.

Payoneer account is approved

Once your Payoneer account is approved, your job is to deposit $ 100 into this account. You can take this money from one of the other Payoneer Accounts. But it’s best if you load $$$ from Marketplace.

Only then will you have an option to apply to the card from your account, from which you can apply for the card for free.

➤ After the first $1000 is credited to your account, you get $25 completely free.

Your Payoneer Account may be Terminated for Any Reason.

  •  Even if you do not have a national ID card, you still create a fake national ID card and apply.
  •  If you hide or change your personal information.
  • If you load a $100 payment from inside the country hoping to get a Master Card.

Remember that all your information is verified by the Payoneer team, and your account is approved. So, giving false information is not right at all.

Besides, it’s not okay to buy $ from someone and bring them into an account. Because you will use a Payoneer account for international transactions, but if you do all transactions from the country, then the account will be suspended.

How to Request first Payment at Payoneer

You will need to send a payment request for the first time you load money into your Payoneer account—the person from whom you take the payment.

1. First, you log in to the Payoneer account and click on Receive> Payment Request.

Request first payment at Payoneer

   2. Once you have a form of payment details fill in the form correctly.

  • For example: how much money you are requesting, what causes your dollar and how many days it will take. We have to inform you about these matters.
Request a payment

3. Also, there is another section below, in which you should give information about to whom you are requesting payment.

  • Such as his name, email, and country. Once all the information has been entered correctly, you can click on Send.
Request a payment

4. When you look at this message, you will know that your request has been sent correctly. Click Manage Payment Request to be more sure about it.

Request a payment

5. In this section, you will see the current status of your request. This way, you can easily make money from a payment request from someone. Not only that, but you can also create invoices for client work bills online.  

How to Apply for a New Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard

You must apply for a new card before your Payoneer card expires. It does not cost any money to apply for a new card here. So let’s take a look at the whole process.

1.First, you login into the Payoneer account. You will find here from Payoneer you have been asked to apply for a new card.

Apply for a New Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard

2. Clicking on the link will bring you a form to re-apply for the Payoneer Card; complete the form correctly.

Apply for a New Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard

3. After clicking on the re-issue button, you will be given a link to confirm.

Apply for a New Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard

4. See if your new card has appropriately been re-issued. This link will show that a new card order has been completed for you.

Apply for a New Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard

5. A confirmation will be emailed to your email shortly after that. That is, you should be sure that the card is appropriately re-issued.

Apply for a New Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard

How to Activate a Newly issued card

Visit your nearest post office within 10-15 days of issuing a new issue. Because usually, these cards do not deliver to your address at home.

Now let’s not know how to activate the new card after getting it.

Activate a Newly issued card

1. Sprinkle the envelope carefully. Now you can see your desired prepaid card.

Activate a Newly issued card

2. Log in to your Payoneer account or ( Create a Payoneer Account ) and click on the Settings> Payoneer Card option on the right side of the bar.

Activate a Newly issued card

3. here, you can see that the old and new 2 prepaid cards are showing. Now you have to click the “Activate” button to activate the new card.

Activate a Newly issued card

4. here, you need to enter the 16 digit number of your prepaid MasterCard. And accept all the conditions and then click on the “Activate” button again.

Activate a Newly issued card

5. You can see that your card has been successfully activated, and 2 emails have gone into your email. Now you check the email.

Activate a Newly issued card

6. You can see that your card has been successfully activated, confirmed via Payoneer’s email. Now you want to withdraw money from any booth using the card, you need a prepaid card PIN Code. Now check the 2nd mail in your email.

Activate a Newly issued card Pin

7. Now click on the “View Pin” button (this link will be active for 30 minutes); if you are logged into the Payoneer account, will take you directly to the Payoneer dashboard and show a warning notice. Were OK, you will be shown the PIN number on your card for 60 seconds.

Activate a Newly issued card

8. Make sure to store the PIN number. So this way, you can activate a new Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

Activate a Newly issued card

9. Your old card will be deactivated shortly. If there is a dollar in the old card, it will automatically be added to the new card.

Through this article, I have tried to create an opportunity for those still unable to use the Payoneer card.

For those working at Upwork, Fiverr, and various popular freelance marketplaces, it is an excellent way to raise money with Payoneer.


I hope the article if you like. Because there are still many people who are freelancing but are unable to make payments properly Create a Payoneer Account. And they are being misled or deceived by some ignorant people.

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