How to Create Multiple Gmail Accounts

It is difficult to find people who are not using Google’s Gmail service. Google service needs to be used to exchange information on a daily basis. According to Google’s current rules, you can not use more than two Gmail accounts by using a number. I will show you how a phone You can open multiple Gmail accounts with numbers. You can use one of these methods shown to me A few days after the first 5 mbara and three more to turn Gmail accounts parabenatahale let’s start practicing.

If you want to open multiple Gmail accounts with a phone number, you will have to go to this link first. After going to this link, you can see the picture below. Enter the number of the number you want to start using Gmail in the box below, and click on the Next button.

After clicking on the Next button, Google will send an SMS to your number. There will be a unique Sign Up link within the SMS. Then click on the link, your name will be asked, and the information will be filled with your submission, your Gmail will be activated. The same way You can open three Gmail at the same time using the system.

At the beginning of the tune, I said that you can use this method to open up to five Gmail together. I have shown here how you can get 3 Gmail accounts. I will now call the two gaining methods for Gmail.

1. The usual way to open a Gmail account with all the information first you will get the verification code via SMS on your phone.

2. The second time you will get the verification code via phone call.

Now you can use these five Gmail and after 4-5 days you can open three more Gmail in the first method shown to me. If there is any problem opening the Gmail account, time tracking.

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