how to Create an E-commerce website

how to create an Ecommerce website

E-commerce is an easy-to-speak about online shopping. E-commerce or electronic commerce; In today’s article, I will discuss and inform you about how to create an eCommerce website with online marketing and marketing through WordPress. Before that, we know what e-commerce is?


E-commerce’s full-fledged electronic commerce. Basically, by converting a business into e-commerce, that business is largely dependent on technology and is much more beneficial. E-commerce is such a medium; Which will transform your business from zero to heroes. Firstly, e-commerce is fully interactive. If you have many things to sell; Suppose you have a shop, or you have made many things in your house – which are worth the sale, you have a lot of bestselling products; You can create a shop on the Internet and sell them; And this is e-commerce.

Take care of one thing, people in your area or city, people in your area or city; But people of the whole world live on the Internet. If you open a business in your city or area, it will be possible to reach only those areas or people of the city – so here’s a limited range of your buyer class. But on the other hand, it is completely different in e-commerce. Here, if you want, people around the world connect with your product; You can sell any of your products in your house to people all over the world.

How to start e-commerce


E-Commerce is a service based primarily on the Internet. People sitting anywhere on the edge of the world will visit your website and order the product from there. So you have to create a website for the products that you sell for starting e-commerce.

Why WordPress for e-commerce?

Why or WordPress for e-commerce – Why is not any other web content management system; Such questions can be left to many tech geeks. But WordPress can be a good choice here because of a very understandable interface. You will see most of the time when you are making an e-commerce site from a developer; They are using WordPress Since WordPress is completely free or open source CMS so it costs very little money to make e-commerce. Being strong on the basis of WordPress security, it is possible to keep customers information safe and the fear of becoming an e-commerce site is very low.

Creating e-commerce site using woocommerce Plugin

It is possible to create an eCommerce website that is very nice using WordPress, for the woocommerce plugin. woocommerce WordPress is a grand WordPress plugin created by Automatic. It makes any WordPress website ready e-commerce.

woocommerce Plugin
First of all, we need to install WordPress on our server or hosting panel We will not choose a theme during or after WordPress install. Because we’ll use woocommerce storefront theme.

WooCommerce Store Setup
WooCommerce Store Setup
WooCommerce Jetpack Setup

When WordPress is finished installing; Our WordPress admin panel- or dashboard must be entered. And from here we plugins – then go to Add New and search by WooCommerce. Then activate the plugin and install it again. Then we have to set up our woocommerce plugin. And this setup is not a difficult thing to say, point-to-point; You can understand it in front of you :).

Here you will have to set up your payment method, shop address, payment currency, shipping charges. Here the site will ask for automatic connecting with another service of JetPack.

Then when the plugin is ready, we will usually ask to use the official store of our WooCommerce storefront; I used it here; It is very nice to see, optimized and widely optimized for WordPress; Everything is free. But you can find hundreds of more great free and paid free themes – in that case, their themes are different; And for that, you have to follow the documentation of those themes.

However, after the plugin is ready you will be asked to customize the storefront theme; And this is very easy to do. You can do this job whenever you are happy. You can edit the theme only by pressing Appearance to Customize.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

Adding a new product from the Dashboard is also very easy; In this case, you can add a new product by clicking Add New Product from the Products tab. From All Products, all of the products, products, and products will be seen and they can be deleted or edited.

Likewise, starting with the order from WooCommerce tab, the status of the report or the order can be monitored, etc.


WooCommerce is basically a software for open source software; And by translating WordPress into a plugin form, WordPress can be completely converted to an E-commerce platform. You do not have anything for an eCommerce site that can not be added here, or you can not find it. For woocommerce, you can find almost thousands of plugins for free, paid. There are hundreds of e-commerce ready WordPress themes; There are many more features available.

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