How to Create a Free WordPress website in 5 minutes

How to Create a Free WordPress website

How to Create a Free WordPress website is not a difficult task. It is also possible if you want to create personal websites for yourself. Again you can create a website for any other work you want. But for which the website is not created, the system will remain the same.

Before creating a website, think about what kind of services you make for your website or what kind of services you want to give. If you have a personal website then you can write it as you wish. You can also design your website as you like. In this article, I will tell you how to use WordPress platforms in just 5 minutes you can create a beautiful website for yourself.

Create Free WordPress Website

There is no money to create a website in WordPress, you can create your first website by following all the steps from the beginning. To create a free website, first, you need to go to First of all, you will find a page like a homepage below which will be the home page of WordPress.

WordPress website

Now to register a free account, first click on the Get Started button.

After clicking on getting Started, a page like an image above will appear in front of you, where you have to give some information. Let’s first see what your website’s name will be for writing. Here you name your website. The next question is what will be about your website? That is, you will write about what you write on your website or what will be on your website.

Now you know what is the goal of your website? Here are the options below, you can select the desired. Asked about your level on this question. That is, whether you have just begun or had the skills of a lot of days. If you are a Beginner, then select Level One.

Now click on the Continuum button, a page like the one below will appear in front of you.

This page will now have to enter your website keyword. Basically, this is the address of your website, which means people will search for your website by searching. When we search for a website, then www. The site address that is written after writing is actually the site address.

Now after writing your address, there will be some options below, here you will be asked whether you want a free version of your website or want a premium version. If you want to create a free website, then you must select a free version. Now you will have a page like an image below, where you will be asked to choose a plan.

WordPress website

Make a choice you like. But for the free version, click on the Start With Free option.

WordPress website

Now you have to give your email address, username, password, etc. in front of your page, or if you are already logged in to a Google account, continually you can click on the Google option. Now click on the Continue button and go to the next page. Dashboard

Now look like a picture in front of you is a page where you are welcomed to your new website. Hopefully, you will not need more than 5 minutes to reach this step.

Now click on the View My Site option. See your website has been open in front of you. If you look at the search bar above, you will find that your address is written here. Now anyone who searches through this address can see your website.

After the registration, an email will be sent to your email address. There will be a button written in the confirmation of the email where your account will be confirmed if clicked. Verify your website by checking the email. Your website is now empty. You can write something or share any content right now.

To edit the website, log in to the WordPress site again. After logging in, you will see a dashboard similar to the picture below, where you can see the information on your website. Theme

Besides, you can see your site by clicking on the view site. There are many more options, such as plan, media, comments, themes, etc. Using these can make the website more beautiful. First, click on the theme option and you will find that there are many themes here. But not all free themes. Click on Free Options to view free themes. All the themes that you can see now are free. From here you can select the theme as your website and you can decorate.

After setting the theme you can customize the page that you see now on your website. For this, there is a logo in the upper right corner, where you can customize the tagline by clicking on the tagline. If you want, you can also change the image of the header from here.

If you want to post any post on the website then you will have to go to the dashboard again. Click on the blog post option and you can add new posts which will be displayed on your site. This way you can optimize your website and you can also change the menu. This means that you can create the same type of website you want to create.

I’m here to tell you the basics of Create a Free WordPress website. Now you can create a blog or website for yourself. Hopefully, there will be no problem. If there is a problem, then you can comment here. I will try to solve the problem.


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