How to Change Domain Name Bluehost

I recently worked through a slight rebrand that involved changing my domain name in Bluehost. I’m only being somewhat dramatic when I say that this was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I haven’t had a really scary life.

Everything I reading shared the dangers of changing a domain name. Of sacrificing SEO to breaking your entire site, I had read it all.

However, I determined it was what I needed to do. For starters, I Enmity the name of my original blog, and it could be in no way deemed relevant to my new “niche” (or lack thereof)

Because much as I could find on the pros and cons of a changing a domain name, I couldn’t find anything on HOW to actually change your domain name in Bluehost.

Eventually, I had to just go for it, and cue the angels singing IT WAS SO EASY! Alone in all, it took me about 15 minutes!

In fact, you’re in my situation, let me save you a few hours and a lot of unnecessary fear and tell you exactly how you can change your domain name in Bluehost.

Simple, right? I recommend buying through Bluehost (or your hosting company if you use something else). I used their platform to buy my new domain, it took all of thirty seconds. Their tool makes it easy to type in your prospective domain name and then shows options in pricing for different variations.

How to Change Domain Name Bluehost

Have Your Hosting Company’s Support Team Complete the Rename Process As You

This important part – when you change your domain in Bluehost, they make Everything For You. I used their live chat feature and primarily begged for help. Within 10 minutes, the agent had done EVERYTHING I was freaking out about. My new domain was a set to primary, and all my files were moved to the new domain automatically. The means that when I logged into WordPress, all my URLs had the same slugs (/this-part.html) with my new domain name! Amazing.

How to Change Domain Name Bluehost

Set Up Your Domain Redirects

This is a simple, yet time-consuming task. If you aren’t getting daily traffic to your old domain, it might be worth skipping. Setting up a redirect means that anyone who continues to will be automatically redirected to

This sake anyone who has bookmarked your blog posts pinned them, or searches for them directly will find you regardless of you changing your domain name in Bluehost and WordPress. Your hosting platform should hold a place to set these up on your own.

How to Change Domain Name Bluehost

Then you are in Sales!

If you’re looking for more help, feel free to reach out to me on social media, using our contact form, or comment below!

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