How to Boost Download Speed in Chrome

How to Boost Download Speed in Chrome

How to Boost Download Speed in Chrome? There are many Android users who have downloaded many big files on the phone. Most users use the Google Chrome browser to browse the web, I myself do not even think, Kenna does not seem to be fast enough from Google Chrome. But when downloading the file, why would Chrome break the heart.

Many people use UC Browser or a dedicated download manager app to download big-sized files on Android. Why Chrome does not perform well. And why not? Google Chrome is not designed specifically to download files, as different file downloader apps are designed.

But it is possible to boost the download speed of Google Chrome from a new Chrome Flug feature. Those who use the Internet Download Manager on PC will surely try to play many connections with the IDM file server when downloading a file, whether the download is fast or good speed is available.

Creating many of these connections with the server and downloading it is called parallel downloading. In this, the file is downloaded at once and not downloaded, the binary part of the file is downloaded together, then all the components are downloaded.

Download Speed Boost in Chrome

By enabling parallel downloading, Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS – allows you to get good speed while downloading via Google Chrome on all platforms. Just go to the address bar of Just Chrome and enter the following URL and enter the link URL.


Now, enable the “Parallel downloading” option, and press the “Relaunch Now” button, the diameter will take you to restart your chrome and welcome, Google Chrome will be able to download any file from the very fast!

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