How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger Godaddy

Today I am working to interpret How To Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger With Godaddy. Many people didn’t know how to set-up a custom domain name on their Blogger. I explain all steps to set up the Custom domain in is used to create your own blog URL (for example: from to

Set Up Blogger Custom Domain

Step 1 :

  • Log in to your Blogger at
  • Click This your blog and then go to “Settings“, choose “Basic”.
  • Under the “Publishing” part, click on (+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog).
  • Under “Third-party domain settings” next to “HTTP://” type your domain that thou just purchased and make sure that you don’t forget to add the “www” prefix to the domain name.
  •  Now Save. This won’t get saved and an error will appear saying ‘We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32.’

If you have a Subdomain example:- then just change www to Your subdomain

Step 2:

  • Now log in to your GoDaddy account and click on “My Account” on the upper right corner > select” Manage My Domains”

Here should see your purchased domain name > just click on your domain name. Click on this “DNS Zone File” tab next to Settings.

  • Under the “CNAME” menu,
  • If thou have subdomain then change www to your subdomain

Example:- then put the only demo in CNAME

  • Under the “A (Host)” menu
  • At the top of this page, click on the “Save Zone File” button to save your settings.
  • Now go back to and try to save settings again. This registration process takes 24 to 48hours, so don’t worry if you get an error again.
  • After your URL begins working, click on the “Edit” link next to the domain name on the setting page.
  • Check the “Redirect” checkbox below your site address to confirm that even if the visitors will miss out on the www part, they will still be able to reach your site
  • Enjoy your new URL!

So this was simple, right? Only a handful of steps and we have successfully completed our mission of adding our custom domain to our blogger account


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