How to Set Up Google Site Kit in WordPress

Late last year, Google began working on the idea of ​​a Google Site Kit plug-in. After nearly a year of development and testing, Google finally announced at the end of October that all WordPress webmasters would be able to download it for free! And for webmasters, this site kit from Google is a very useful product. Moreover, this is Google’s first official plug-in for WordPress. And with this plugin, Google wants to integrate all webmasters. Moreover, all the functions of this plug-in allow you to put data in the website console, which is why it is a very useful tool for website managers, developers, agencies, or web hosting providers.

With the Simple Setting function, Google Site Kit allows you to add various Google services to your web site. Moreover, from your website to your Google account, this plugin collects data related to various services in real-time and after collecting that data, presents it on the backend of the WordPress console. Also in the latest Site Kit version.

  • Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools),
  • Google Analytics
  • PageSpeed ​​Insights
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Optimize
  • Google Tag Manager

Included, and all of them are like website modules that allow you to open links from any item you like.

In addition to displaying data on the website console, GoogleSite Kit has some automation functions. For example, if you turn on the AdSense tool, Google will automatically show you ads in the best position on your web site. Also, if you do not know how to tag using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, there is no reason to worry, with Site Kit you can easily insert automatic code.

On the other hand, to reduce the number of plugins in WordPress, Google has integrated various Google services into Kit Kit; And this is why I always advise you to use Jetpack for WordPress so that you don’t have to install too many plugins or waste your valuable time by maintaining many plugins. Because it reduces resources and risks in many ways. Secondly, Google can use it freely because of its official release and it is very easy to use and secure.

Google Site Kit official website 

How to Use Google Site Kit?

Step-1. Now you can download it from Google’s Site Kit Official WordPress Plugin database or you can download it from the official website of Site Kit.

Also, if you want to download this plugin from the WordPress console, select the “Plug-in” option from the left side option. Then type Site Kit by Google in the search bar in the upper right corner and click the “Install Now” button to download.

As soon as the Site Kit plugin is enabled, a new message screen will pop up for setup. If you want to help Google Improve the Site Kit plugin, then you need to enable the anonymous usage status option so that Google can collect the data from you and make this plugin more effective. And all of these processes are followed by Google’s Privacy Policy, so Google stores your data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Step-2. You can set up the Site Kit plugin with easy three steps to follow. And that’s why the Site Kit plugin is so easy to use. Now click on the “Sign in with Google” button to sign in to Site Kit from your Google Account. Take a look at the picture below to understand better.

However, when you sign in to your Google account, Site Kit will require additional permissions. Now if you do not have any issues with privacy, click the “Allow” button and grant permission.

Step-3. We hope you’ve already allowed the Site Kit plugin shown in Step-2 to access Google account data. And this third step is also a very important step because it will get you through. Click the “Allow” button to complete this step. Please take a look at the picture below to understand better.

Once you’ve been granted permission to access Google account data from your site, you’re ready to use Google’s plugin, now click the “Go to my Dashboard” button to return to the WordPress console and you can now use the plugin.

Step-4.First, by default, Site Kit is only connected to Google Webmaster Tools, also known as Webmaster Tools. Next, you can connect and use other Google services like AdSense, Analytics, and PageSpeed Insights. And we use the tools mentioned above to do the work.

Step-5. Once the plugin is connected, it will collect your website’s data from Google, such as website impressions, clicks, and popular search keywords. It is also important to note that Site Kit allows you to search specific pages or article information very easily.

Also after installing the Site Kit, you will be able to easily make changes to your web site’s traffic changes through other modules, such as Google Webmaster Tools. And you can see this information through Easy Navigation. Take a look at the picture below to understand better.

Step-6. Then, after opening the Site Kit from the Google settings page, you can connect to as many Google services as you want. I told you about the services that Google offers before, and I think you are already familiar with this service, but I am also referring to it, such as AdSense, Analytics, and PageSpeed ​​Insights, as well as Optimize and Tag Manager. And if you want to use all these services, there is a “Set Up” button below each service, you must set up the Services by clicking the “Set Up” button. Please look at the picture below to understand better.

To use the Site Kit plugin for the first time, you must select a Google Account so that Site Kit can collect data from your web site through that account.

If you’ve connected AdSense to your website, you can allow Site Kit to automatically add. As a result, Google will automatically display the ad in the appropriate place on your website. And this feature is Google AdSense Auto Advertising Feature! Usually, users will have to determine where the ad will be displayed on the website in advance, as this will require them to modify the theme of the website and do a lot of coding, but Site Kit will do all the work for you automatically.

But if you want to adjust or disable a service from Site Kit, then you have to go to the settings page with a little trouble. Also importantly, when I was testing 1.0.2, I noticed that many items from my website were not displaying properly after connecting AdSense, which is why I removed the AdSense module in the setting. Also, you need to know that when you edit a module, other modules will be locked temporarily, and for that reason, you will not be able to modify those modules anymore.

Or if you no longer want to use the Site Kit plugin, there is no reason to worry that this plugin has a remover function, which allows you to reset the Site Kit plugin completely and remove the plugin completely from the website. And so even after using it, if you do not want it, you can delete this plugin at any time if you wish.

At present, I think the Google Site Kit plugin is a very exciting plugin, but this plugin is still in the development phase. And so some of those who have used it reported that they have encountered some problem after using this plugin, or that they are unable to normally disable or delete this plugin. And so I would advise you, if you do not have enough time and capacity to fix your problem, please refrain from using this plugin. And, sadly, Site Kit only integrates with Google services in WordPress and does not collect information from other third-party plugin services you may use. For this, we have to look at whether this feature is included in the updated version.

What are the three reasons to use Google Site Kit?

  • Google Developed First Free WordPress Plugin.
  • You can add Search Console, AdSense, Analytics, and Page Speed to your website for free.
  • Each module can be enabled or disabled by one.


Google Developed Site Kit plugin is a great plugin for WordPress, but it should also be kept in mind that this plugin is still in development so there are some issues. And so we have to wait for the updated version of Site Kit and see what Google features add-on in the updated version.

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