Godaddy VS Namecheap Domain Registrar

NameCheap VS GoDaddy

Namecheap or GoDaddy? I had to face this question to many people. Before answering, I did not say that I have got a domain from both places. So, all the things I write in this post will be written from my previous experience.

I’m assuming you’re reading this article, at least you know what the domain is. Then say that the domain is your name in the Internet world. It does not matter where you got the name from. I’ve divided this article into 6 parts so that you do not have any problem understanding it.

The main discussion will be:

1. Where is the price of the domain?
2. Experience the use of the domain
3. Ideas about website interfaces
4. Additional Things
5. Upsells offers
6. The origin of our discussions

Namecheap or GoDaddy? The conclusion of the debate-
Let’s go to the main discussion.

1. Where is the price of the domain?

The worst side of domain vendors is that they started selling at a lower price for 1 year and then gradually increasing the price. For this reason, it is best to visit all the places and see the value of renewing each year.

  • GoDaddy usually takes 0.99 dollars per year for a .com domain
  • Namecheap, on the other hand, gets $ 10.69 per year for a .com domain

So, assuming you want to save some money, and in that case, you will definitely choose GoDaddy. Where you are purchasing a .com domain from GoDaddy for $ 0.99, Namecheap will take you to a .com site for $ 10.69. However, in this case, Namecheap will give you WHOIS Guard and your email in with your domain.

And then if you ask that the Namecheap or GoDaddy? I would say that if you want to run your site in your preferred name for only 2 years and there is no problem even after changing it then GoDaddy will be a better tie. You can save some money.

Besides, if you join with $ 120 dollars according to GoDaddy Domain Discount Club rules then they will keep an $ 8.29 per year for a .com site from you. You will be allowed to bid on an auction where you will have to win at least 100 domains by bidding, otherwise, your price may move. In this case, it will be seen that the cost of Namecheap for low-term planning will be less.

But one thing is that you all know that the price of the domain is not the main. There are a lot of accessories that you have to think about.

2. Experience the use of the domain

Below is a picture of a page of the NameCheap account-


And this is a picture of GoDaddy account-


I would personally choose domain dealers to buy the domain. The first things to think about when buying, using and the best of the top of the site. Before I talk about some more specific topics about this, there are some things about NameCheap and GoDaddy that I like and there is nothing to say about things that do not look good.

First, let’s say about Namecheap

  • Occasionally there is a problem while auto-renewing
  • The strictest checkout system is very easy to understand
  • The consultation engine is much better
  • The information is all nicely packaged together
  • Chatting is available very quickly but no help is available on mobile

    Now know something about GoDaddy

    • Checkout method is confusing
    • The domain manager is open in a different window which is sometimes different
    • Suggestions Manager shows a lot of upsell offers
    • The color format is pretty clean
    • There are so many information
    • Email, chat support as well as mobile support is also very good

    Above all, I would say that if you want to go to any of the two, but if you go to GoDaddy you will have to buy an image with an email before buying a domain. On the other hand, if you buy from NameCheap, then I will say email with domain free.

    3. Ideas About Website Interfaces

    I would have discussed this issue in the same area of previous experience, but instead of discussing it in a completely different part because this part is much more important than the part of the experience. The domain that is called the DNS Manager is basically something that configures your site’s name. A bad interface can sometimes be a bit annoying problem where a good interface can be set up very easily at once.

    Here are my NameCheap and GoDaddy’s domain / D for your convenience. N. come. The manager gave two pictures.





    Simply put, a DNS manager is something you can use to configure your domain name. For example, you have your D. N. come. (DNS) by connecting to the hosting company, you can set up a subdomain by setting up email. If you try a little bit, you can easily d with your hosting company. N. come. (DNS) can be re-connected. Keep in mind that there will be no mistake in this place, because if there is any mistake, your site may be down. And once the site is down, it’s a lot of trouble and time to fix it.

    So, in this place, you have to work with your utmost caution. Now if you ask what is good in this case, GoDaddy or NameCheap? If you have seen two of the pictures above, then you will understand that even if GoDaddy is much better than all other domain dancers then that’s nothing to Namecheap in this case. All the options you need in NameCheap will be neatly arranged in the sidebar and you can use them when needed.

    Meanwhile, GoDaddy also has some additional settings that do not allow GoDaddy to be dropped once. One nice aspect of GoDaddy is that it is used so much that you can get help from GoDaddy directly from the internet or at any time.

    4. Additional Topics

    When you buy a domain, you will actually get involved in a few more things. Even though the subject may be excessive, it may be worth the time.

    Here I’m Going to Discuss some Additional Topics

    • Safe de. N. S-GoDaddy’s DNS was hacked but NameCheap DNS never got hacked. Even though this may have been done by the will and then there is a question of safety.
    • Email – This is totally free in NameCheap but GoDaddy has to spend a lot of time separately.
    • WHOIS Security System – NameCheap also gives it free but offers extra for GoDaddy.
    • Hosting – GoDaddy will be hosting you for a specific time but NameCheap will offer to host for a long time.
    • Personalized D. N. S-Namecheap will give you your own personalized server but GoDaddy will not give it.

    One more thing can be said here that, NameCheap is more focused on various technical issues, where there are GoDaddy after saving pictures and hosting. So, considering this extra, Namecheap is far ahead of GoDaddy.

    5. Upsells Offers

    Perhaps you have a lot of trouble understanding the upsell approach. There is nothing to worry about, the whole thing is easy to explain. Upsell is when you can buy something, it can be more relevant to the accessories. It may seem annoying at times, but it is a lot more important. And more time is needed to buy a domain.

    For example, until 1997, when someone bought a domain like or, there would have been nothing by domain only. It was also necessary to have a website with him. I think that the domain name of your website should always be different from your hosting name. Though it is a little different, I think it is a smart thing to keep a different name.

    However, both Namecheap and GoDaddy offer different upsell, hosting and storage. Both offer a total upsell for a website full of full time and if you want to get your full website very quickly, you can take these offers through these offers.

    Above all, though GoDaddy, although it’s a great price, it does not seem too comfortable. Namecheap offers a lot of good offers, but for all other products.

    6. The Origin of Our Discussions

    When doing business, I will do with the good company. And when this is the case of Namecheap or GoDaddy, then I will choose Namecheap.

    As long as all these issues were debating throughout the Internet world, GoDaddy has improved a lot of sectors and has made a position in the Internet world. Moreover, they have enough capacity to make more progress.

    Namecheap is working jointly with an electronic foundation to fight legally. Although there was a lot of controversy over this, they still cleaned up their position.

    GoDaddy has been involved in another controversy that it is spreading sex in their marketing. Because of which, they are also crossing different types of katkhotaata to sell the hosting product. Their famous CEOs are trying their best to keep their customers in control.

    Namecheap or GoDaddy? A Conclusion of The Debate

    At the beginning of the discussion, I told you that no matter where you buy the domain, it does not matter. GoDaddy is really good for many, especially for those who want to take a low-cost short-term domain and want to get help on mobile. However, I would say that if you want to start a long-term website, take a domain from Namecheap. If my experience is correct then you will not cheat.

    If you are already in the domain from somewhere else, NameCheap has a very easy way through which you can transfer your domain here. So, good luck for everyone. If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to comment on them.


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