Best Free WordPress plugins for eCommerce

7 Best Free WordPress plugins for eCommerce

At present, most people are relying on e-commerce. Websites like Amazon and eBay are doing great business in the international world. E-commerce business has already started in developed countries. E-commerce services are increasing day by day, as well as e-commerce websites are increasing. Now the general public and slowly online shopping are getting used to it. The mindset of shopping is reduced by wasting time on the market. They are now relying on online shopping, e-commerce, for any kind of purchase. Best Free WordPress plugins for eCommerce.

Just as consumers rely on e-commerce websites, merchants also busy promoting their business through e-commerce. To keep up with this tide of e-commerce, all the good quality merchants rely on the internet and e-commerce. If you are a businessman, you too should create an e-commerce website very fast. Currently, WordPress is widely used to create e-commerce websites. The unique features of WordPress, great customization features, and more will give you the opportunity to create awesome e-commerce websites like yours.

Recently a new version of WordPress 3.8.20 has been released. It has many important updates. One of the most interesting updates is that the theme of the admin panel can be changed. There are about 6 color themes. And the admin panel has also been redesigned. The admin panel is designed flat.

Below are the 7 Plugins you need to know to create an e-commerce website in WordPress.

#1 Woocommerce

The developers of the renowned WooThemes have created the Woocommerce plugin. This e-commerce plugin promises to provide beauty with powerful e-commerce benefits. It offers many features, including dashboard widgets. This allows you to easily view the status of your business from the dashboard. It can be customized in a very nice way. It can add as many extensions as needed, Woocommerce has many extensions.

#2 Cart66-Lite

Cart66 Lite is a great e-commerce plugin for your WordPress blog. It’s light but powerful compared to other e-commerce plugins. This allows you to sell and sell your digital and physical products. There are multiple shipping and currency options that will expand your business internationally. You can place ads on different pages and affiliate marketing and you can earn extra profit.

#3 EShop Plugin

eShop is an easy-to-use plugin. It has a simple control system and many product listing systems. It’s easy to add products and customize settings in eShop. The browsing options are very simple. It includes multiple merchant payment gateways, multiple shipping options.

#4 Jigoshop

Jigoshop offers many features needed to host an e-commerce website. It will create a complete e-commerce site in just minutes. You can easily and elegantly split your products and divide them into different parts.

#5 WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin for current buzz, with over 5 million downloads. It is easy to install and can be used with many themes. There are many payment options. It can be customized nicely and the template can be customized.

#6 Quick Shop

Quickshop adds a sidebar, which shows the visitor’s shopping cart. Quickshop Bulletin supports PayPal and email functions. It also allows visitors to remove products from the shopping cart as they wish.

#7 YAK Shopping Cart

The Yak Shopping Cart Plugin associates your product with your blog. By doing this, your post id becomes your product id. You can easily categorize the product and change the settings of the shopping cart. It supports many other payment gateways including check, Paypal, credit card. You can adjust the shipping charge according to the weight you want or set a flat charge. Best Free WordPress eCommerce plugins


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