Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website

Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website with 7 Tips

Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website? Or create a new blog and share your deadly ideas and want to put the whole world in the picture? – Of course, you will need a domain name, a domain name is your career digital address! If you go wrong to select a domain name, you lose some subscribers to the Legit, they will go to your next store!

If you select the choosing a domain name for a personal website, the customer will enter your website, not only because of some selling, but the big thing will spread your name, your product will be seen by the people! There is another word to know, which is seen to be sold! But the question is, how to choose the best domain name?  

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What is a Domain Name?

At the beginning of the internet but no Domain Name was necessary. To access a website which is called an IP address, it would have been used, such as – – This is Google’s IP address, you can access the Google.Com web page by entering this IP browser. But the problem started when the internet started to grow seriously. If the number of websites starts going from hundreds to hundreds and  Million, then it is almost impossible to remember the IP address of each site. The computer may remember numbers, but we humans are more difficult to remember words

Then the domain name idea comes forward, IP is also used here. But you do not have to remember the IP address when the domain name is entered in the browser, the browser is called a DNS, which is called the DNS followed by the domain of the domain and connects to the server and downloads the webpage!

When we talk about the term of the domain name, it’s actually part of HTTPS: // and the extension (.com) part. For example, our domain name is “TecHJan”!

Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website  domain example

TecHJan is primarily a technical web blog, here are Tech words By technology sites are indicated. People will enter your website and believe in a kind of confusion by a strong domain name. From your domain name, people can understand what your site is related to! Therefore, choosing the right domain name is very important.

The problem is that most of the easy-to-remember domain names are already booked. For example, was successful in 1994. In all, today there are around 33 million domain registrations where millions of .com domains are unused.

Simple names are almost gone, this does not mean you can not choose a great domain name for your business or blog! – Tips to choose the best domain name below are shared!

Please Choose The Domain Name That can be Easily Remembered

Do not forget that the name of the Domain Name System was born, so that the name can easily be remembered. There is a limit to the memory of people, we are not difficult to remember numbers when things will come in different numbers. Nevertheless, neuroscience does not intend to enter science, keep in mind before selecting a domain name so that someone can easily remember the name.

It is difficult to say correctly, but the name of the few words is better, especially if the name is not more than 6-14 characters. I’ll try to find a little name that you can register as a brand. Always remember, “shorter is better” – Most of the domain names in Alexa Hi-Rang are short!

Insert it into the ward domain that people commonly use, it will be good to remember. Or can you like the sounds and likes the name, the name of Spotify has heard right? This is a big audio streaming service provider. Did you know how this name was born? The two founders of this company shouted shouting in the two separate rooms of the same house and were suggesting each other’s domain name. Then one wrongly listens to a name which is called “Spotify” then the name is born.

But it is important to remember a few more mates, it is easy to type in the name as well as easy to remember and it is easy to pronounce. The end of the day is meant to spell names for your visitors, so the website will be closed before opening. So it is best to hear the name you choose, at least 10 people, then most of them will be tightened to pronounce.

Add Keyword to The Domain Name

If you add keywords to the domain name, then no words, 63% of the best performing keywords have been used to enter keywords. If you use the keyword down the domain you can get a boost in SEO. But it is not always the keyword to use. If possible, if the domain name looks good even after using the keyword and the name is not premium then you can use it. But it is not always necessary to use keywords.

If you use keywords, the search engines will be able to understand what your website is related to, and users will have the advantage. But remember, such keywords are not suitable. – For example, “Buy Cheap Books and Pens” are used as keywords, just as soon as the name appears, you will get a better idea about the website, but think about how many people will remember such a big name?

At present, the biggest challenge is to find a good domain name that is still free and is absolutely perfect for targeted keywords. However, if you can not find it, there is no point in buying, but if you do not, then you do not have to add keywords. Little, easy to remember, brandable, easy to write, choose a name that is easy to pronounce. “” Domain Name “” is a lot more brandable than the keyword in the domain!

Select The Correct Extension Domain Name

The .com extension was the King of all time and yet its kingdom is just as much! But the name of the choice is very difficult to find with dot com, where almost all the domains are booked. But there are many different domain extensions you can use if you want, it will not be a problem.

Especially if you want to create a site for USA, then .com is more complicated, many of us understand the .com web address. But almost all domain extensions near the search engine have content, SEO content and SEO factor.

Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website  Domain Extension

Many .com domains are available that anyone can buy before and after the sale as premium. Although buying a premium domain for the new website is not recommended, it would always be better if you get the preferred .com domain in the regular price!

Currently, many new extensions have been added, which will direct your site category pregnantly. E.g., .tech, .science, .shop, .xyz, etc.! They can say Modern Trend as prices are cheaper.

Now you are thinking, where can you buy these different extensions? You can try Bluehost trials, these domain providers will provide full control of the domain to you, and you can purchase all new/old extensions at affordable prices. If you are looking to buy a .com domain, then you can buy $ 8.99 .com, .info, .xyz extension for the first year at Promo from the extension.

Choosing the right extension is very important, but it is equally important that the brand is easy to remember, easy to pronounce easy-to-type names.

Now many people will say, how to choose brandable name or how many names or how to get it? No problem below I’ve shared some tools that will help you find the perfect brand name.

Can Buy Expired Domain

Many beautiful names may have been booked before, but the renewal of the domain has not expired. If you want you can buy a domain of that type. But there are two good or bad things here, so you have to keep in mind a few things.

Why buy an expired domain?

Backlinks are created before the old domain, where some visitors can be found immediately after the purchase of a domain. The old domain can have high domain authority ratings. Moreover, the domain is in the high page ranking, Google still follows page ranking, as a result of buying old domains can get the boost in SEO.

Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website expired domain

You can find old domains from or Your new site may start performing better after it’s been a little boosted.    

Why should be careful when buying an expired domain?

First of all, you will need to google to see if the domain you want to buy is a brand that registers it and whether that brand is still in existence. Otherwise, you can go into legal trouble and you will have trouble getting your name registered in the name.

Many simply do not renew the domain for this, maybe the name is blacklisted from Google or has been banned from Adsense, but it will end before your site starts. Moreover, many spam sites may have backlinking in the old domain, they can not be used in all domains. allows you to check backlinks by using this tool.

Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website report

Just like how old or expired domain can give a boost to SEO, SEO can negatively impact the same. So all things should be kept in mind. For the purchase of the new domain, can check here if the domain was registered earlier or any hosted site.

In addition, while purchasing an expired domain, you will also need to check how much backlinks are with your site category. If exaggeration traffic is entered from spam source, then refrain from buying the domain! You must keep all the issues in mind, if you can not select yourself, then you can hire an SEO expert.

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Names should not be included in the selection

First of all, refrain from choosing a name that has double letters, it can cause spelling mistakes and lose your site traffic. For example,’s domain name can create confusion for most of the time and people will make mistakes. Except for the double letter, the name will be cleaner to look and type, and it will be brandable.

The hyphen will never use the domain, most of the time hyphen uses in spam domains. Suppose the name of the site of a site is now scammers cheat people by creating a site named Think it would be so popular if was “I have enough doubts!”

Avoid using the domain name, the name becomes difficult, it is difficult to remember a number of times. But I would say because it is good because of refraining from it. Just Letter Use, No Hyphen or Number!

Some Tools to Find Domain Names

A domain name is short, unique, and brandable is very important. Without branding ready name, you will never have the perfect choice for your domain. Studies have found that most of the time people buy products by brand, so you have to create a Better brand, and you will start creating a brandable domain.

Think, today’s high ranking sites are domain names but in brandable categories. Such as Google, Amazon, IBM, Tesla, Yahoo – etc.

But looking for unique and brandable names is not easy, where the .com extension should be kept in mind. But do not worry too much, if you have enough budget, then you can buy brandable domain suggestions from and buy a domain.

But if you do not have the money to buy a premium domain, you can search brand name from, you can see the brand logo design by using artificial intelligence in advance so that the name can be liked by one name only. You can also check whether the short name from the tool is available in the domain, and the domain extension is empty.

Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website  with nomelix

There are also many domain name generators that will generate domain names based on your keyword and display the results of all empty extensions. Most of the time, I use the tools,,, – these tools are very useful and have more than your desire.

Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website with Domain Wheel

These tools will help you to choose a great Domain Name, but you can choose which name you have on it. Choice of a clave name by combining all the factors. I know the choice of the domain name is a lot of confusing, but hopefully using these points will make the matter a bit easier.

Buy Domain Faster Domain Name

After following all the strategies could find a perfect domain name, so what is the delay? The next step is to register the domain name with just the same. Bluehost can buy a lot of extension discounts, as well as they activate the domain, meaning that no one else can buy your domain.

Many times, many people are finding the name of the choice very difficult, in every second, there is no domain registration, then you should not take any risk at all.

The article was undoubtedly great, but still, it was not possible to inklood all the things, and it could not even be inkled in one single article. But hopefully, you’ve got a fair idea of selecting a perfect domain name.

Finding or disguising the best domain names is not an easy task to find favorite songs. Based on your business and category, there are many things to keep in mind. But following the tips above can reduce headaches.

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