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How to Create a WordPress Website for Beginners

If you have no preliminary ideas about coding, we hope you will not have any problems reading this article. If you have any kind of problem then contact us with us.

How to Create a WordPress

If you have no preliminary ideas about coding, we hope you will not have any problems reading this article. If you have any kind of problem then contact us with us.

The basics of this article are given below so that your understanding is easier.

What To Do to Create a WordPress Website?

You do not have to do anything Only three things will be needed.

  • Domain name - which will be the name of your website. For example,
  • Web hosting - where everything on your website is saved/stored.
  • Some time to read this article carefully.

How Much does it Cost to Create a WordPress Website?

The simple answer to this question will depend on the type of your website. Generally, a business website ranges from $ 80 to $ 286 a year.

We will advise you, start with a little bit first. Add more new features to the website when your business is expanding. Through this process, you can start with very little capital so you will be left with a lot of extra costs.

This article will teach you how to create an attractive website of $ 80 less. We will discuss how to create more advanced level websites in the future.

Which is The Best Website Platform?

now there are many types of website platforms that you can use to create a website. We recommend, to create your website through WordPress.

So far, WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used platforms in the world, which is estimated to occupy approximately 28% of the space.

WordPress is free and here you will get access to thousands of add-ons and extensions. We ourselves have created our website through WordPress.


Those who create new websites are making the most mistakes in this place. There is nothing to worry about. We are! Thank you for staying with us. You may have doubts about one.

If WordPress is free, then why would I have to pay to create a website?

Wordpress can be used free of charge but will need a domain and a web hosting for your website, which you have to buy.

The domain is the name/address of your website on the Internet. Users will search by entering your website name in the browser, where they will be able to view details of your website (eg, or After getting the domain name you will need a web hosting.

Web hosting is a must-have for every website to be connected to the Internet. Here all the information on your website will be stored.

Generally, a domain name costs around $ 14 a year for a hosting and about $ 60 year for a hosting service.

Step 2. Install WordPress

You will find many options in your hosting account Cpanel which most of you will not get any kind of work, so there is no need to think about these. If you go down a little bit in the hosting account CPanel you will see an option of WordPress. Click here


After clicking, you will find a box called softaculous Apps Installer, here you will see various information on WordPress. Now you can click on Install button from here. Now you will open a page like an image below.


In the first box, select Protocol, you will set http: // and select the domain you select in the box below. Below is another box where you can see the WP text. Delete the text. You do not have to write anything in this box. Now you have a little more down the page.


Here, your Wordpress Website's Admin UserID, Password, and your Email ID will be provided, which will be used by you later to access the control panel of your website, where you will place the necessary information for the website.

Warning :

Remember, do not give this Admin UserID and Password to anyone else. If someone who is trusted will be able to give you help. If anyone goes to this Admin UserID and Password, then anyone can change anything on your website.

You do not have to set anything else. Now, go to the end of this page. Here, you will get a button named Install and below it will get email Installation details to find a box. Write your email id in this box and click the install button and wait. Automatically see the WordPress setup and close it when finished. Check your email now. Notice, you will receive an email where your website's name and admin panel will be linked. If you do not receive mail in Inbox, then check your Spam / Junk Folder.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed WordPress. This step completes the original work of website setup.

Now you will Login URL to your WordPress Website Admin Panel. Your website's login link will look like this,


Now, you log in here with Admin UserID and Password. Then you will go to the admin panel of your website where we will perform all the tasks to sort this website.

Not easy? Many people find refuge in different organizations and spend extra money just to do this. Hope you will not need it. You can do the job yourself and you can help others if needed. Now let us know about how to design the website.

Step 3. Select Your Theme

Wordpress Theme / WordPress theme by controlling the visible appearance of your website. This WordPress theme is a professionally-designed template that installs on your website and works to change or sort the website's outlook. After installing WordPress, you will automatically get some basic theme. You can now get a look like this on your website.

WordPress theme

Would Never like to see Such a Website?

There is no reason to worry, you will find thousands of Free and Paid themes on the WordPress website that you can install at any time you want.

To change a theme, click the Appearance »Themes option from your WordPress Admin Panel and then click on the 'Add New' button.

WordPress theme

In this page, you can search about 4,492 free WordPress themes according to your choice, which is available in the directory of WordPress. If you want, you can search the category of popular, latest, featured categories from here.

WordPress theme

In our article today we will use a Theme called Bento. This template is much more popular because of building any type of WordPress website because it is very easy to use. After entering the theme page, search the search box at the search box. And install it.

Add theme

After the theme has been successfully installed, you can customize it now. You need to click the Appearance »Customize button. After clicking, you will get a live preview / live preview where you can get theme settings to change the theme of your WordPress website.

WordPress theme

You do not need to perform all the tasks right now. When you have adequate content on your website, you can customize it well and it will be very nice to see it.

Let's see if you can create the necessary content for the website?

Step 4. Add Content to Your Site

WordPress works with two types of content. One is Post and the other is Page. the post is a part of Blog (newer items displayed first) which is displayed on the website according to this order.

On the other hand, Page is a definite static content that will highlight the important aspects of your website to the visitor. Such as about your website about page, contact page, privacy policy, etc.

WordPress will automatically show your Blog Post on the main page of the website. You can change this process to suit your needs.
If you want, you can create a website without any blog post or you can also show the blog post separately.

Let's learn how to create some major content for the website.

At this stage, I will make some pages for the website. Do not worry, if you do not have enough content, then you can add or edit your preferences later.

To create a page, click on the "Add New" section of your Wordpress website's admin panel. After clicking, you will get an editor screen like the image below

WordPress add new page

First of all, we have to set a name for the page. Many who are Page Title and say so. We named this page "Home". Then we will write some content for this page. You can also add text, links, images, embed videos, audio, etiquette, if you want.

After adding the necessary content, you will click the Publish button on the right. After clicking, the page will be visible on your website, which will be visible to visitors.

You can also create multiple pages according to this rule. For example, About page, contact us, and blog post can be used to show your website which will show your posts.

Now, let's add some posts/blog posts to our website.

To create a post/blog post, click on the Posts »Add New section of your admin panel. After clicking, you will get an editor screen like the image below.

WordPress add new page

You can also add Post Title and Post Content here as you add the page. Notice that there are more options such as post formats, categories, and tags. You can also publish this post later. Clicking the Save Draft button will post this post as a draft, which you can edit later, or if you want to publish it then click the Publish button. Then this post will be visible on your website.

Step 5. Customizing and Tweaking Your Website

We have now created some content for the WordPress website. Now I will present these contents beautifully on our website. Let us now create the main page/static front page of the website.

Setting up a Static Front Page

For this, you have to go to Settings »Reading from the admin panel. Here we will select the page that was created shortly before the front page option and select the post that was created a few times before the post page option.


Do not forget to click the 'Save Changes' button before going around it. If you do not click this button, the page changes will not be edited.

Wordpress has now defined 'Home' as the main page of our website and 'Blog' for the post.

Change Site Title and Tagline

Now we will determine the name and tagline for the website. After installing WordPress, it will automatically select 'Just another WordPress site'. Now we can change this name.

Click Settings »General on your Admin Panel.


Site Title Here is the name of your website such as, I Love Shobhana. The tagline below will describe your website in one sentence. You can not give it if you want. In the end, click the Save button.

Setup Comments Settings

WordPress has a system for post comments automatically. The visitors will comment on your posts. If you want to increase the visitor to the website then it will work very well. But there are some problems. There may be some problems with good work. For Spammers

To avoid this problem you have to keep the comment moderation process running. For this, from your admin panel, Settings »Discussions Here you will see a section below called 'Before a comment reveals'. Here, 'Comment must be manually approved' by clicking the "Save" button below the check mark.


Create Navigation Menus

Navigation Menu is the means by which visitors can browse various pages or sections of your website. WordPress has a powerful navigation menu system that allows you to create a menu for your website.

Demo Website

So let's learn how to add this menu now.

First, you need to go to the Appearance »Menus page from the admin panel. Here you can set a name for your menu and click on the create menu button.


WordPress has now created a navigation menu for your website, but this menu is still empty. At this stage, select the pages that you want to appear as menus and click the add to the menu button.


Notice that the pages you have selected are below the Menu Structure. If you want now you can keep these menus up or down as per your choice.

Primary Menu

Here you have to determine the location of this navigation menu. Most WordPress themes publish the primary menu at the top of the website. Now click on the Save button. Now visit your website and see the navigation menu is coming.


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TechJan For Beginner Guide: How to Create a WordPress Website for Beginners
How to Create a WordPress Website for Beginners
If you have no preliminary ideas about coding, we hope you will not have any problems reading this article. If you have any kind of problem then contact us with us.
TechJan For Beginner Guide
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