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World's first AI presenter unveiled in China

World's first AI presenter

China's state news agency Xinhua introduced a new member for their news present. That is artificial intelligence done. Which is known as a robot? This robot will send reports from any side of the country every day. Not only does he have the ability to run the show.

Xinhua recently presented the news with Robbie With the help of artificial growth, what makes anchor or performers of television channels do it easily. In the wake of such robots, television channels are thought to be scared to lose their jobs. Because he is not paid any salary. It is said that the cost of television stations will be reduced.

The name of this new member, Qi Hau, with the artificial intelligence of Xinhua. She was wearing a tie and suit while presenting the news. Like the presenters, she was shaking her brow. Lowering the head too. The anchor program, conducted in artificial intelligence, is conducted in two languages. English and Chinese. The Chinese news agency Xinhua has published Twitter on how his robot Anchor handles the show.

In order to conduct the event through artificial intelligence, the Robot launched the fifth World Internet Conference in East China's Jiangxi Province, and the state news agency said. The search engine company 'Sogou dot com' has helped Xinhua to build a robot. Khabar: The Guardian.

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