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Vivo Nex Pop Up Camera

Vivo Nex

Mobile phone maker Vivo has claimed that there is more interest in popup cameras this year. They are now giving more importance to such cameras. It offers complete self-screen as well as full view display facilities.
Vivo Nex

Vivo authorities have said that pop-up Selfie cameras are used for the first time in Vivo's Nokia mobile phone in 2014. Inside the main framework of the mobile, the camera is kept secretly in a separate chamber. If you go to Selfie mode it makes you sit up and make a picture.

Selfie cameras are installed on the market in front of the conventional mobile phone. In this case, the scope of the screen is reduced on one side. On the other hand, the evolution of modern technology seems to be incompatible in the era of evolution. Mobile manufacturers have long been trying to find alternate space for selfie cameras. Vivo Popup Selfie Camera is one of its solutions.

Vivo says that whenever the user goes to the cell phone, the popup will be automatically activated. Immediately after the photo, the camera will be closed. This will not reduce the use of mobile screen space. This is important for framed smartphone design. Popup cameras have made great hopes for the price of free mid-range range of Design Free and Frameless (Bezelle) designs in 2015.

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