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Fuchsia OS

Much so that we all know that Google is going to bring its own new smartphone operating system, named Fuchsia. However, if you do not want to read Chichen and Egg, they must have enough apps to set up if they want to establish it as a Major Smartphone OS.

Because of this app problem, Microsoft could not keep their Windows phone OS in the market. But Google was always very conscious of this.

Because Chrome OS did not have enough full-featured apps, Google quickly gave Chrome OS the ability to use built-in Google Play Store and Android apps. Google is also planning to do something similar in their new Fuchsia OS. Google has made this plan because Fusia OS does not face app-gate problems.

(9To5 Google), Fuchsia OS will run a special version of ART (Android Runtime), which will allow users to run an Android app on Fuchsia OS. But how to run ART Fusia OS, it is still not known correctly. Maybe, as Linux subsystem runs on Windows 10 operating system, it will be run on FuchsiaOS with the help of such virtualization technology, Android apps.

However, there is no confirmation about whether it will be possible to run all types of Android apps and whether the features and performance of the apps will be affected in some way.

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