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Amazon cloud gaming service to release in 2020

Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce and one of the clouds computing industry, wants to work on games streaming. No, that's not the kind of game streaming that is being said, where someone else plays the game and you see his gameplay on the video. Amazon is working to work with cloud gaming, where you can use the cloud computing technology on the Internet to sit at home and play any game itself.

Amazon is working for gamers, this is not the first of all. Amazon is the owner of the world's biggest game streaming service / social media Twitch. But Amazon is the first incentive for cloud gaming. But Amazon is working with cloud gaming, officially, Amazon has never done an ounce.

Cloud Gaming

Some independent source reports reveal that this information is being done. Amazon also has the option of two new jobs posted on their jobs page, titled Cloud Gaming Engineer. Of course, Amazon is going to work with cloud gaming services.

Amazon is the world's one of the best cloud companies. So developing a cloud gaming service will not be so difficult and costly for them. Unofficial reports reveal that by 2020, Amazon may release publicly for their cloud gaming service Consumer and Specially Gamers.

When launching the Amazon Cloud Gaming service, it may be challenging to some other gaming industry. For example - Nvidia Geforce Now, Microsoft XCloud, Google Yeti-is now a much larger and more prominent cloud gaming project. Amazon's cloud gaming service will be able to challenge these popular projects, depending on the performance of Amazon's cloud gaming service and the price of the main service.


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