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What is The Dark Web? How Big is The Dark Web

Dark Web

Now we all know about the Dark / Deep Web. That's the big room for big criminals. And heaven's kingdom of crime There is no bad or illegal work that is not there. The ordinary people are completely ignorant about the world and their imagination is also out.

Many people have a question since most of the dark / deep websites are illegal, all criminal activity is run. Law and order and government of all countries know about it, why is not the Dark / Deep Web being shut down?

The Internet has four stages,

  1. Surfaces Web
  1. Deep Web
  1. Dark Web
  1. And Mariana Web

The dark / deep web is much bigger than the regular web surfing we use. It is so big that nobody knows its exact size. In 2003, it was estimated that there are almost 500 billion pages on the Dark / Deep Web site. Now it has been 15 years since the year 2016, and we have progressed a lot in technology now, and as you look at how big the Internet has been, how big it has been.

In fact, all the secret activities of all countries are going on the Dark / Deep Web. There is all the important document information in all the countries. The government and law enforcement agencies of all countries are regularly there. Many countries keep themselves safe, and the Internet law of many countries is very difficult, so the only way to know and research the different countries of the world from the one country is from the Dark / Deep Web.

All of us are just dark aspects of Dark / Deep Web and all the bad news and information are shown. So many people think that Dark / Deep Web is bad. Actually, everything is bad, you will choose good, or worse, it is completely yours. Only those who are involved with the Dark / Deep Web are the only ones who know about this world.

But there is more to good and bad than this.

No country wants to shut the Dark / Deep Web site, because there is all the important information in the country, which is very difficult to find common people. And there are many influential leaders/business people in the world who do not want the Dark / Wide Web to be closed. And the size of the dark/web is so big that it's impossible to stop it completely,

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