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Google Play Store Apps Downloads Be Careful

Google Play Store

Many apps download from Google Play Store Do it. But Google Play Store is no longer safe. Google also acknowledged this. There are many programs that are harmful to the Google platform. Cybersecurity experts are therefore advised to be careful when downloading apps from the Google Play Store.

They say that cybercriminals create many harmful programs aimed at Android software users. Personal information may be stolen while downloading these apps. Apart from this, users can be victims of various types of losses.

Google has given several suggestions on how to use the Play Store to stay safe from cybercriminals. It is said in a blog post, "There is a lot to do to prevent cybercriminals from us Is done. But you need help to keep Google Play safe. You have to accept some rules for app and games that can be safely downloaded and used.

Google suggestions are:

1. Do not write a good review of any bad apps in exchange for a gift or a gift at Google Play Store.

2. Do not write any annoying comments about any games or apps. Can construct constructive criticism or review.

3. Do not comment on sexually violent, repressive or unlawful comments.

4. Read Google's review policy and then write the review.

5. If you receive bad or unsolicited comments about an app in Google Play Store, then mark it as spam. The developers can review it.

6. Google developers, who do not rent anybody for any review, spend money on it.

7. Do not run attractive promotions to increase app ratings within apps It violates the policy.

8. The Google Play Developer Policy must be read.

Apart from these instructions, has been warned, they are sticking to false comments. With the use of artificial intelligence and workers, they started working against fake comments, ratings and reviews as well as removing harmful apps.

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