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Google Duo Mobile App | Google Duo Reaches 100 Million Downloads

Google Duo Mobile App  
 Google's Video Chat App Duo has downloaded more than 100 million Google Play Store. Google has unveiled an instant messaging app allo and video chatting app in 2016. The app has gained popularity due to video call in advanced resolution. Only the phone number can call anyone with the app. No account is required separately.

According to a report from the technology portal of the Android Police, six months ago, the 50-million mark touched the Dual The app downloaded more than 50 billion dollars in less than six months. This year, the iPad, Android tab, Chromebook and smart display support are made-suited for the app.

Common, but highly functional voice calling applications Google DUO In response to Apple's FTT Google brought the lightning with Google Dua. With the app, you can get advanced sound and video quality compared to any voice and video calling the application in the Play Store. This application is extremely effective to speak reliably. can be installed free from Google Play Store. And there is no cost to use it.

According to Business Insider's information on business-related US site, the app has significantly attracted Android users.

Recently Google announced the closure of the Allo app to give an added importance to the Duala app. The Allo app will be closed from March next year. Google announces the Android Messaging issue by turning off the Allo app.

In April, Allo stopped investing in the app and started giving importance to Android messaging. Since then, Alor's Smart Replay, GIF, desktop support is connected to the Android messaging.

Google has said, the Given messaging feature has started to become popular. So the support of allocates is being stopped to emphasize the messaging. Allo will be available until March 2019.

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