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How to Gmail Account Password Recovery (Step By Step)

forgot gmail password

Many people now use Google mail service Gmail. Many people do not use email for long forgot their password. Many people can not remember the password Then the use in the mail is difficult. Many accounts may be hacked or the Gmail account may be at risk due to third-party applications.

Those who have trouble accessing the account, they can easily recover the Gmail account. Know the rules:

1. Go to the Email login page and click on the 'Forgot Password?' Option.

Gmail Forgot Password

2. If you do not remember the password currently used in Gmail, please enter the password you used earlier. If you do not remember, go to the 'Try another way' option.

Gmail Try another

3. At this time Google will talk about sending the verification code to the mobile phone number associated with your Gmail account.

phone verification

4. If your phone does not have one, then the replacement email address that Google provided when opening Gmail, Google will send the Verification Code there. If your Gmail account is not transferred with your Gmail account, then go to the 'Try another way' option again.

Password Forgot Recovery

5. Google will now want any email ID (ANY email ID) that you can access. Google will send the code to Google.

Google will send the code

6. If you give Google this code, give it to Google's dialogue box.

7. You can recover your Gmail account through this process. Once entered, update the new password account. Add mobile number and replacement email to it. You can easily find your password in a safe place.

If there is a problem to remember passwords, then you can use third-party apps, such as the LastPass. Google has the ability to store passwords in their Chrome browser. There is such a benefit as Apple's iCloud Keychain.

Experts are advised to add two-factor authentication along with complex passwords for Gmail's security. Use a password that is easy to guess, in case of passwords, letters, numbers, and symbols.

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