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Reset Windows 10 Admin Password With Command Prompt

Reset Windows 10 Admin Password

Those who use computers at home often use the same PC multiple user accounts. For example, two different user accounts for younger brothers. On the other hand, we use passwords in our Windows user account for security purposes in the office or business field. What if you forget this passwords for any reason to think ever? You need to format your important data and then fix the PC with Windows. In it, you have files in C Drive and have kept a file in the desktop with My Documents and it is not possible to retrieve it.

Like other accounts, there is no official method of passive recovery. If Gmail password is wrong, you can retrieve passwords through your mobile number SMS, but this is not possible here. But there is no reason to be frustrated. Today I have come to you how you will pass passwords in your Windows account and protect your PC from killing new windows.

First of all, your own passwords will not be retrieved in the methods shown in this tune. Any other's passwords do not try to rescue him, or the tune shown instructions will not work in the mother tongue and this site will not be held responsible. Today's tune is only requesting you to be educational. Other than this, in addition to the tune-up method, Windows Passwords can be recovered in a few other ways, but tune I just prefer to take advantage of some simple method. So let's go straight to this tune by not raising the role.

Note: Those who use Genuine Copy of Windows, they can retrieve their Microsoft account from Windows 8, 8.1, 10 passports with other PCs from Microsoft through Net. But I do not think there are some people using genuine copies. Hahaha is willing to use Windows 10 with 30 thousand takas?

Command Prompt

Your Windows log-in screen with the help of a command promotor or command promotor gives you the password of your Windows account and new passwords. But firstly prompts the command in your login screen. What is needed for this is. A decade of the full version of Windows 10. Full version means the utility manager should be. If you do not have a Dix Utility Manager, then you can buy a new decry or adjust the flower synthesis from the net, burn it to disk or boot the USB.

After giving Windows Dix boot the first time when the window of the language settings appears, you can bring the command prompt by pressing Shift + F10 button.

Reset Windows 10 Admin Password

Now you enter the following two commands, press Enter to hit the command. In this, your utility manager will be backed up by cmd.exe.

Remove: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe.bak

Copy: \ Windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe

Here? Place your Windows Drive letter in its place. Which is usually C drive so write C.

Reset Windows 10 Admin Password

Reboot the PC and click the utility manager on the login screen. This will automatically start a command promo.

Now you enter the following command:

Net user username password

username password

Enter the username and password of your choice here. Such as net user George Bestpassw0rd

Here you enter the userpasswords2 control and enter if you find the GUI Victim Options window.

Reset Windows 10 Admin Password

If there is a problem with this method, you can activate the admin account through the following command:

Net user administrator / active: Yes

Command Prompt

Reboot this.

Computer Reboot

Later you will see that the login screen admin name is a new user account. After logging in to select and backing up the files you need in C Drive, take away your Windows and solve this problem.

Through Microsoft Dart Disk

Microsoft Dart Disk

DaRT or Diagnostics and Recovery Tools are an official Microsoft utility tool, where you can find various options including Registry Editor, File Explorer, Crash Analyzer, Restore files, Repair Dick. Here there are different options for password reset password for Windows account.

You just need to boot the Nepaiy Pen Drive or DX from the net to the correct parts for your Windows version (DaRT 10 for Windows 10 ETC). It is much easier to use than other third-party software. Open the darts toolsets and go to the Locksky option and reset the passes by following the follow-up.

But before going to the darts option, if your PC has broadband or any other other connection, disconnect it.

Through Windows System Restore

Windows System Restore

Your password is new and repetitive, but you can go back to your old password using System Restore. That's why Advanced Boot Options from Advanced Options by pressing the F8 button while running the PC> Repair your computer> System recovery method can follow. Note that no files will be deleted for system restore, but it will be deleted if any software is installed in it.

So this was the easiest way to forget about the Windows Passwords. As mentioned earlier, there are many more methods and much third-party boot software, through which the passwords are retrieved, but the most simple and effective method is displayed here.

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