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What is Quantum Computing used for

Quantum Computer

What is the computer look like? Typically, the desktop computer has a CPU in the front box. There are monitor-mouse. But now scientists are sweating to create such a computer, which will look like a reverse cake! Just like the four-five-level cake hangs upside down, just like that. There will be many metallic cylinders and screwed ones. And everything will be under a little black chip. Quantum Computer is called Quantum Computer. Scientists think this computer will change the whole world of technology!

What will be the change? There are some 'but' at this place. This new Quantum computer, compared to the current computer system. Quantum computers, which are far away from the masses, can be resolved in a single trunk, it takes years to be done by the latest supercomputers. It will help to discover new drugs. The revolutionary motion will come out in search of new materials. In a word, Quantum computer technology will introduce a new chapter in the world. The entire computer system will be changed.

Quantum Computer

There is a backside back. Many of the hurdles of Quantum Computer Presently the whole world is reaching the hands of the world through the Internet. From social media, from small personal experiences to expressing small feelings, the bank's work is also dependent on the Internet. This current Internet system follows certain encryption. Encryption is created using cryptography or signal writing. Because of being encrypted, Internet usage is safe and user data prevents bereavement.

The problem is, the future quantum computer will turn into light Internet encryption. Quantum computer can hack current internet cryptography in one trunk So if quantum computer technology falls into the hands of an evil hacker, the information of billions of Internet users around the world will be at risk! Even state-specific information will not be safe. Secret intelligence and defense information will not remain secret.

The United States, UK, and various European countries have now come down to make quantum computers. China is slaughtering the sword Quantum computers they want. However, Quantum Computer-related research is most likely to rival Google, IBM, Microsoft tech giant, and others. The reason is very clear. The organization which will win this competition will be able to create the first Quantum computer, that institution can establish a new generation of technocracy business. This is a lottery jackpot winning! So the cost of the goddess is Quantum.

What is Quantum Computer?

A normal computer works with binary numbers. There are only two numbers in the binary process: 0 and 1. Now, these computers work with the two numbers. According to the Telegraph report, computers can use 0 or 0 each time in the current system. But quantum computers can represent 0 and 1. Quantum Computer can represent 0 and 1 simultaneously at the same time. The basic unit of this particular computer is called Cubits. Quantum computers can solve complex mathematical problems quickly due to the unique characteristics of 0 and 1 as binary numbers.

According to the Economist report, Quantum Computer relies on cryptic and complex Quantum Mechanics. This computer works with the use of Quantum Mechanics' superposition and entanglement system. It does not solve a lot of mathematical problems. However, the small number of complex mathematical problems that Solve Quantum computers are very hard and time-consuming for the current computer. In some cases even impossible.

Media Wired says Quantum Bits or Cubits can be composed in different ways. However, they always represent 0 and 1, and this whole process can be controlled electronically. But Cubits can work more than the traditional computer bits.

Quantum Computer

What is the benefit?

Telegraph says effective quantum computers can open up the gap in infinite possibilities. Quantum Computer will play an important role in creating new sustainable construction materials. It will help in the preparation of the disorderly disorder like cancer or AIDS.

Microsoft's official Krista Sour said, "The effect will be unthinkable. What Quantum Can Do - We're on the top of the huge sea of possibilities. With the help of Quantum Computer, we understand the nature of the problem of global warming. At the same time, we can also know how carbon can be retained and our world can be saved.

Bob Sutter, Vice President of Quantum Division of Technology Institute, thinks that Quantum will introduce a new revolution in computer technology. He said the common people are still not able to visualize the extent of this subject. For the benefit of the quantum computer, people will get a better product, new food will come to the food. New drugs will be made By solving complex mathematical problems, the current aircraft can be swiftly swift. These improved aircraft will cost less fuel again.

IBM's research department reports that Quantum Computer can play a breakthrough role in the development of artificial intelligence. This will make artificial intelligence more accurate.

Quantum Computer

Where's the crack?

In the words, 'Blessings with sadness, destruction with dishonesty.' Similarly, the possibility of quantum computers is not complete when read by the hands of good people. And if this happens in the hands of the wrong people, then this quantum computer will become the cause of endless suffering. Just think once - the ATM password has gone from your phone's contacts list to another! What are you gonna do?

Quantum Computer

The Telegraph says that Quantum computers will break the Internet's cryptography and try to break it. As a result, if the computer is in control of the culprits, the internet system that has so long been broken can completely break. The personal information of millions of people will be unaffected. Hackable government databases. The banking system will collapse. Internet-based money can be used to control fingerprints, fingerprints can be bananas, evil hackers. Again state security can be eroded.

Callin Willmott, Quantum Computing Expert, at Nottingham Trent University, said that the party that owns Quantum computer first, will be entitled to this infinite power. Quantum computers will put a huge risk to the classic cryptography system.

The Economist says that the use of quantum computer misuse can destroy the world's two-trillion dollar e-commerce industry. The reason is that these financial transactions are done using the current Internet cryptography. This cryptography also protects the confidentiality of state information. So, if you can break the cryptography system, details of the Debit-Credit card, transactions in the bank, all the e-mails - in one word, all Internet-related information will be vulnerable. Then, anyone who can snatch them, they can steal it.

There are problems with state machinery. Peter Schweib, the Cryptographer of the Netherlands's Radabound University, said, "After 10-20 years from now, if someone sees my current message or bank account, maybe something like that will not be available to me like ordinary people. But think once, what if I am a repressive state citizen? Will not it be a tool of suppression? '

Quantum Computer

Who will go before?

Some experts say that, in the next five years, a quantum computer can be used on the Internet. Many people say that there is no hope of getting full and effective quantum computers more than 12 to 15 years ago. But the way many powerful states and technology firms have a waist, it is expected that it is not too far.

Google has been conducting research on quantum computers in California's California Mountain View. Do not sit in IBM and Microsoft. These two organizations are undertaking research in this regard. However, experts say that Google is somewhat ahead of others. China's Alibaba and Huawei are involved in this competition by international technology companies.

Powerful states have also named the race in this race. Telegraph claims, the United Kingdom has invested the most money in Quantum research! The British government announced a total investment of 270 million pounds in the 2013 National Quantum Technology Program. The US plans to invest 10-year term for improving Quantum Technology, On the other hand, China has allocated $ 10 billion to establish Quantum Information Science-based laboratory in the national level by 2020.

So, it can be understood that everyone who goes before making a Quantum computer, has gone on a ruckus. There is no difference between a tech giant or powerful state. But the party that can give first quantum jackpot to the first hand, they can come under the economic and technological leadership of the world. Technetropy or general expectation is the only one-Quantum computer does not fall into the hands of hackers!

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