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New Instagram algorithm 2018 Features

New Instagram algorithm

The discussion of social media addiction has always been discussed. There is a lot of research on how to get rid of this addiction. There is also many people's interest in the discussion. The Photo Messaging App has launched a feature to be released from Instagram settings. This feature allows you to set how much time you want to use Instagram throughout the day. This social media can be used on time.

Instagram has recently introduced new features. The app itself will tell how long an Instagram is using this feature in this feature. The name of this feature is 'Your Activity'. It is easy to know how long a person has used Instagram all day in this feature. In addition, the maximum number of days you want to use Instagram, even when the user itself can bind. Tapping the 'Your Activity' icon will also be known throughout the day when using Instagram. The icon will show up on the right side of the screen. Apart from this, there will be a list of Instagram for the whole week to use here. 

In August of this year, social media had announced the introduction of this feature in Facebook and Instagram. This feature has been turned on in Instagram. However, the feature on Facebook is not yet operational.

To use the new 'Your Activity' feature, the user must update the Instagram app. Instagram can be used on the day after the update, the user can bind them automatically.

Instagram also introduced new mutual push options. Apart from this, the Mail Reminder service has also been introduced in this app. This will allow users to get new services.

Instagram has said, "Your time in Instagram should be positive and inspirational. When it comes to spending time on Instagram, it comes in front of the exact time or the exact time. Again there is no right or wrong answer. There are many features to help you. You can take control over it.

The Instagram app can be used in more than one language, including French, German, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, English. With this, Instagram can be used in Hindi soon.

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