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[Solved] Laptop Keyboard Not Working Windows 10

Keyboard Not Working

The big problem for laptop computer users - suddenly does not work on the keyboard. There may be problems due to the equipment or the software.

But if there is more pressure on the keyboard, or if there is any substance in the fluid in disguise, its buttons can have short circuits in the joints. But if you do not have major types of problems, then using some techniques, the keyboard will be activated again.

Device Software Test

Enter devmgmt.MSC on the Start menu. Open the device manager by clicking on it. Often the keyboard drive hides here due to the problem of the device. So click View Manager on Device Manager and click on Show hidden devices. 

Now you can see the name of your laptop device by double-clicking on the list's keyboards here. If there is an exclamation mark in the yellow triangle, then go to the Laptop manufacturer's website and find the driver software by model number and the latest version will be activated using the keyboard.

If not, then uninstall by right-clicking on the keyboard driver. Click on the action menu at the end of the uninstall and click Scan for hardware changes. Restart the computer and restart (restart). The keyboard will be useful again.

From the BIOS settings

Restart the computer and hold down Esc. If the start-up menu does not come, then you have to understand that there is a problem with the Kodera device. For this, add a keyboard (External) and then press ESC to start the Start-up menu.

If you start the Startup menu for HP laptops, press the F10 key in BIOS (Other brand users by pressing the BIOS key on their laptop, then press F5 to load the default settings. Press F10 to reset the settings and then restart the computer.

Without the software problems, keyboards can be restored if the keyboard does not work, even if the dirt inside the keyboard is still there. The person does not work properly. So the laptop off the keyboard can be activated kigulo fully cleared.

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