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how to install windows 10 updates

install Windows Updates

We do not just stop automatic Windows updates manually but encourage more people to keep Windows updates off and believe it is nothing but a deadly bikuppo. I know that many have many doctrines in keeping behind Windows Update, and especially the big problems of our Bengali people are that Windows updates cost many internet data where most of our users are limited internet users! - But did not become a bit helpful? What is the Internet connection for? Do not spend internet data to keep your system up to date?

According to many, the update is very annoying, because it takes time to install and a lot of time waiting for PC restart. But this is not true at all. Now, the system of Windows 10 update has changed a lot. Currently, you can now keep a lot of control over your system by updating. After a lot of updates, many things change, yes I acknowledge it is boring to many, but there is a change in the same way, is not it? You should adjust the matter.

Windows Updates

But sometimes it provides a patch update with Windows errors, so after updating the update, the PC can go to working conditions or the Blue Screen of Death problem can be triggered repeatedly, and it can not really be accepted, because we would prefer to have trouble with the PC I do not. In this case, before updating the update, you can choose a new update. Many people are thinking of updating the manual pat, yes you can do manual work, but here are the manual Windows updates and app updates are very time-consuming and I know that as I did before this sin, my manual items are always kept in negligence The above dust accumulates.

It is easy for hackers to open the hacking doors if the system is not too dated. No system is perfect, so operating system makers find new errors and fix them by updating. Now, these errors can be used by hackers to control your Computer. Certainly not to forget that huge ransomware attack, this huge hacking of history was done only to use the backdated operating system. Critical Patch updates a few months ago, many still do not apply to their PC, so hackers easily target their PCs and become successful.

Windows Updates and Your feedback

Yes, I know there are advantages and disadvantages of automatic Windows updates, but if you ask me what my opinion is, then I'm sure there is no good idea to stop Windows updates. Allow Windows to auto update, there are problems with very little updates, but most of the time this update will protect you from any problems. Regularly not updating Windows Update, you will not be able to make special privileges using many good antivirus tools. If a thief enters into his family then it will be stolen, what is the benefit of protection from external thieves?

Windows Updates off

The internet world is not worth the benefit, especially hackers, if you are following my regular security articles, of course, all of your information can be easily handled, your personal information from your bank account, your personal files, job files, All of the hidden information can be unbearable. Millions of files were stored encrypted on the Resource Ransomware ATA, then many of them paid the money back to the hacker and the files were not returned, but some of them did not return the files, so it is not better than that, keep your system up to date!

Whenever you think about manually updating the manual, I guarantee that most of the time will not be updated in negligence, and due to automatic updates you will not have to tension, you can easily configure when you install updates.

But I personally will not blame only you, Microsoft should be more careful about their updates. From the very personal experience, one day fast, calling me privately, said, "Brother, I'm re-installing a PC on my PC." I would like to know the reasons why he said that after installing an automatic update, the PC can not be used anymore, forced to re-install Windows. Now if Microsoft releases updates and releases itself, then the problem is, Microsoft must be more aware.

What Do You Want To Do?

Yes, I'm going to be more aware of Microsoft, especially a more advanced update system, so that users have zero problems. But then what?

I will always keep in mind that to keep the automatic Windows updates open because the best software and operating system hackers make hacking easier. Automatic updates may not make your PC hacker proof, but you can save a lot from hacking.

And for those who have stopped updating the data due to the fear of data loss on the Internet, tell them what to say, change your ISP so that you can show the ability to turn on automatic updates by buying the internet at a lower price. Trust me, you can survive a lot of big problems. See, if you have to use the Internet, then without knowing the best thing, get some knowledge about the internet and cyber security, learn how to be safe online! WireBid will keep you in the cyber world for all the details of this article will give gifts!

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