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10 Tips how to keep computer hard disk safe

computer hard disk

The part that is stored on the computer is part of the hard disk. So without a hard disk, the computer is stagnant. Starting from the official court, business was used for business, personal business. So the computer is important.

Many types of files have to be stored on the hard disk in the office, and if the hard disk is damaged in any way, then utterly annihilated. Not only the office but also if the personal computer's hard disk also gets worse, then the danger. Tips to Keep Your Hard Drive.

1. Clean the disc screen with hard disks once every day.

2. Use good antivirus. Because there may be many types of viruses in the hard disk. If you use the Internet on the computer, then use Internet Security Antivirus.

3. When trying to partition the hard disk, try to keep 100 GB in the C drive. Because we have many types of files stored on the desktop. However, the better the free C drive, the better.

4. The software that you use on your computer should not be trained. The computer is slow due to the usage of the trail. This also has an effect on the hard disk.

5. At the end of every day, keep the timepiece deleted. To delete the timepiece, click on the Start button to go to the Run button and then enter% temp% then you can see that many types of files are stored.

6. Do not enter Zarda PenDrive on your computer. And if you want to use a regular pen drive, scan the pen drive before entering the pen drive.

7. Keep updated software updates. The computer also works fast when the software updates.

8. The number of drives on the hard disk is not filled in the file. On some drives, some places will be kept blank.

9. Two times a year, Windows will be able to format Windows again and again.

10. Keep the computer away from dust forever. Dust computer. Due to dust, the hard disks are greatly damaged.

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