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WordPress Responsive Gallery Plugin

Gallery Plugin

How are you all? Asakari is good I have come up with a great WordPress plugin for you. Plugin Gallery Plugin For those who have WordPress sites


  1. Justified image gallery.
  2. portfolio Gallery.
  3. Youtube Video Gallery.
  4. Vimeo video gallery.
  5. Soundcloud audio gallery.
  6. Image gallery.
  7. iframe gallery.
  8. Lots of hover effects.
  9. User-friendly Editor.
  10. Nice and smooth lightbox.
  11. Unlimited color support.
  12. Responsive and touch friendly.
  13. Visual composer compatibility.

With plugins, you can?

  1. you can create a YouTube video gallery. 
  2. Vimeo can create video gallery. 
  3. Soundcloud audio gallery can be created. 
  4. Can create an image gallery. 
  5. And iframe can create link's gallery. 
  6. Every gallery will have a nice lightbox open. 
  7. Download the plugin below.

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