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The ISP and router DNS play a very important role in the overlap speed and despondency of the Internet, and it is no longer worth saying. DNS basically finds a website's address in the web browser and reads the IP address of that website from that address. The faster the process to find the IP addresses from this address, the faster your request will reach the server of your desired website as fast as possible. So changing your ISP's default DNS, using good and fast DNS providers DNS is very important. You can read this article to know more about DNS.

As a custom DNS server, CloudFlare's DNS is the most popular IP address, Fast Response Time, and it's completely free. Using the broadband internet, it can easily be used to convert DNS servers to routers and connected devices, using cloudflier DNS. However, it is not possible to easily convert DNS server to the network when using 3G / Fourier mobile internet. To solve this problem, CloudFlare has released their new DNS App. This app is currently available in both Android and iOS.

Using this app, ClaudeFlare's own VPN service will be able to use this fastest DNS server with CloudFlare. The app's user interface is also very easy and minimal. This app will work on both WiFi and mobile data, as it works through a private VPN server. Besides, if you are a WiFi user and you do not think you have the ability to manually convert DNS server into the router's control panel, then you can install your app on your specific devices and with this help, you can use DNS server on every device with one click.

However, keep in mind that DNS will never make your Internet faster than its fixed speed. For example, if you use 5 Mbps speed internet DNS, you will not be able to get 10 MBps. If you use a good DNS server, your internet will be more responsive and the page loading time will be slightly prompted.

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