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How to Make Money on YouTube 3 Ways


We all know that it is possible to earn money from YouTube. Most people think that the only way to earn money from YouTube is to show them on your YouTube channel. Such ideas are basically meant for new YouTube users.

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Ed but showing is not the only way to earn from YouTube. There are 3 ways to earn from YouTube.

1. YouTube Ad
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Sponsored Video

YouTube Ad

To earn from YouTube, you must first start the Monetization feature in your channel. After launching this feature, the ad will appear on your channel in the video. The more ad view that your channel will have, the more your income will be increased. It is calculated and the price of ed is different in different countries. However, if the ad view from the USA is the highest revenue.

Affiliate Marketing

In this regard, a video affiliate link is provided on the video description of the YouTube channel. Clicking on the Affiliate Link, if you purchase a specific product, then you will be given 5% -10% commission on the value of the goods.

Suppose you uploaded a video with your camera and uploaded it to YouTube. In the video description, you have an affiliate link to your camera. If someone purchases the camera from this link, you will be given a commission.

However, product reviews / Tech Review Related to channel the money through the Affiliate Link.

Sponsored Video

It is possible to earn more than the amount you can earn from YouTube Ad and Affiliate Link. Only companies can contact their channel for sponsored video or service to increase the sales of their products or services, and you will find that product or service Produce a video by highlighting the versatility and benefits, and publishes it on YouTube in the viewer's product or service In exchange, the companies are required to inject a certain amount of money each month, you will pay.

One of the main topics in Sponsored Video Publishing is that your YouTube channel must be popular and your channel videos will have a lot of views. That is why you can upload Sponsored Video

The following blogs will be discussed in detail about YouTube Ad, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Video.

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