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how to boost wifi speed

 WiFi Router

In the current context, without the Internet, the world is inaccessible. There is a lot of things in front of them. But slow internet barks anybody's mood. If you want to wait a minute after a minute, there is no cavalcade for any purpose. So I will try to tell how Wafai's speed can be increased. Take a look at how to increase the WiFi speed.

Keep the height of the eye: The rug of the height is 5 feet high, the signal is the best match. Keep the router in your eye height roughly. Do not keep the router with any device that can interfere with the signal. For example, Cordless phone base, any other router, printer, microwave etc.

Keep the router in the middle of the house: Usually, keeping a router in the room in front of the window to keep the amount of cable used during connection time. Put the router in the middle of the house to get the best coverage. Remember, Wi-Fi Omni-Directional Spreads, In other words, the way the sound of the sound is repeated, the signal is spread over the router. So if you keep one, half the signal will be out of the house. As a result, you will get less speed.

Connect fewer devices: There are no events or parties in the house. All friends and relatives are coming. Decided to connect to the home Wi-Fi service for everyone. In addition to that, take the task of doing very little work. Keep in mind that connecting more gives together will reduce the Wi-Fi speed. Now there are several router options to block the device. If you see that a particular device is dragging more bandwidth, block it. Just ask to use Wi-Fi to surf the internet. If someone wants to download something, ask them to wait or stop them.

Repeater Connect: Wi-Fi Speed will increase a bit, Repeater. You will get many repeaters in the market and online shopping sites. The price starts at around Tk 1000. Configuring is very easy. If there is a good router in the home, then it can also be used as a repeater. However, you have to configure it on the settings page.

Use Router: Before purchasing the router, check if there is a USB port. Try to buy a USB ported router. Because of the USB port, you can connect to the external hard drive. It's all connected to work like network storage. Or printers can also connect. It does not need to connect to any device. Print from any device on the network. Generally, this type of router is quite strong. Signals are also very good.

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