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A few days ago one asked someone what he meant to say freelancing, the answer was somewhat like that 'those people who are sitting in the PC know what about computer programs.' From this answer, I have no idea about its freelancing. After the digitalization of Bangladesh, most people still do not have any idea about this issue.

Freelancing is an Employer's work in a short-term contract.

Those who do freelancing work, they are called Freelancer or Self Employed. The person who is self-employed in Bengal means a person who has done independently an Employer or Client's work under short-term agreements.

Freelancing is the common man thinking computer work based on computer programming. But freelancing involves many more things. Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copying, PubCiting, Writing Including Freelancing such as BlogPost Writing or Article Writing, Translating, Web Design, Web Development, Graphics Design, Architectural Designing, Bookkeeping etc.

According to statistics, most of the work of freelancing work in writing or translation work. The next number goes to web designers and graphic designers who work in the category. The number of web developers is not too much.

 Freelancing is not too old. Freelancing has gained popularity in the past four to five years, which has never been before. First Freelancing is known in 1998. 'GURU' was the first freelancing marketplace. Some of the popular marketplaces of today's freelancing are Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Fiverr.com etc. These websites or marketplaces offer projects to clients and bid on these project payments. For these projects, clients are making payments based on the hourly or day-to-day basis or based on what project.

For any project of a freelancer, payment is given on an hourly or project basis. The new freelancers work normally on the recommendation of someone with experience, but if someone does not have any such recommendation, then they can get projects by presenting their own work sample in various online marketplaces. The new freelancer's field may not respond as soon as it starts or may work at a very low price because the clients want freelancers with experience to preserve the quality of the project. After working for a few projects for some time, the experience needs to be done at a lower cost when the experience increases.

Freelancing professionally takes very few people. Generally IT students are freelancing as a part-time job. However, now many freelancing training centers are being developed where many new freelancers are being created through training.

Those who are going to start new freelancing, must have some special skills in the matter and have the necessary software and equipment for the topics that are being freelanced. Most Employees will not be Local so Skype or Messaging will be contacted. And it requires enough parochialism in English.

Freelancing means to work independently at your own time. Clients usually take the help of freelancers to reduce their workload or reduce workloads. Bid on any project or part of the project. Experienced freelancers choose their own choice from any online freelancing marketplace.

 People from 15 to 32 years of age are included in the youth, which is 40% of the total population of Bangladesh. If this youth is brought under technology, many of them will be able to take their own employment. Due to the increase in the use of technology in recent years due to digitalization, freelancing is becoming very popular with the youth. Many people want to be their boss by abandoning Gadbada rule, and there is no alternative to freelancing.

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